April 7, 2010

April 2010

Belle and Ella try to catch a bumble bee.
Poppy shows Dallas her ball.
Amos and Rhett chat around the water cooler.
Truman can't decide what to do next.
Hello, Mr. Riley.
Belle and Vinnie lounge in the pool.
"This is for you." -Annie
Vinnie is adorable!
Jasper looks very handsome.
Annie and Henry can't decide who has the ball.
Zack and Vinnie get to know each other.
Belle is all smiles.
Henry Tucker checks out the refinished pool.
Zack is happy to be here.
Riley has made lots of friends.
Flower shows off her dance moves.
Carson and Augie love each other.
Isabelle enjoys the morning sun.
June is an angel.
Hoppy and Violet enjoy each other's company.
Norm always gets a lot of love.
Frank is so handsome!
Nothing stops Cooper from having fun.
Frankie is what his collar says.
Cash is in a great mood.
Tiki shows Belle her new collar.
Jet loves the spring weather.
Maddie enjoys a shady spot.
Tate is a welcome sight.
Oliver is growing up so fast.
Jake loves to splash.
Jessie gets her toes wet.
Who is going to get the ball, Tallulah or Annie?
Sophie has mesmerizing eyes.
Hester is happy.
Moonpie steals a kiss from Teddy.
Dakota loves to play with her pal, Boomer.
Everyone loves Eli!
Ansley enjoys some alone time.
Rufus is a sweetie.
Who wants the ball?
Baxter and Bentley catch up.
Moonpie and Tucker watch the others.
Sally loves the jolly ball.
Spud makes everyone smile.
Zena can play all day!
Hoppy loves to relax.
Jack is a happy tiny tot.
Amos is very sweet.
Boomer makes himself at home.
Petey and Rosie like to share.
Fuzzy has a tender heart.
Punkin and Nora sunbathe.
Zeus loves the staff.
Lucy sneaks Petey a kiss.
Hamilton is sweet.
Congratulations Sebastian on your new home!
Petey and Rosie bask in the sunshine.
Griffin and Harlan watch with great interest.
Knox looks bashful.
Petey looks handsome in his hoodie.
Harlan makes everyone happy.
Everybody's tuckered out.
Belle is super smart.
Norm really wants a hug.
Wilson takes a break.
Bella is beautiful.
Ella gets a better look.
Rue and Hendrix like to hang out together.
Gracie is ready to take a nap.
The girls (plus Bear) enjoy the spring weather.
It's a party!
Hunter is so handsome.
Tiki caught daydreaming.
Bruno is all smiles!
Francis has the ball.
Gunner is a happy boy.
Vivian keeps a look out.
Gibson loves to play all day.
"Did someone say hike?" -Murphy
Juniper is looking for a loving home.
Chipper gives wonderful kisses.
Willis is always in a good mood!
Abbagale takes the plunge.
Rio peeks outside.
I double dog dare you to get in the pool.