December 1, 2007

Season's Greetings (updated 12/20/07)

Always happy to see you Goldy!
The puppies enjoy a good chew.
AJ is Mya's best friend.
Roofus takes a look.
Malcolm enjoys the good life.
Cosmo is in from New Mexico.
Sally is a fun lovin' gal.
We Love you and will miss you, Shelby. Good Luck in New York!
Sassy loves to relax.
"Please, help me." -Drake.
Mya, what beautiful eyes you have.
Queen Grace.
Ella checks to see who's outside.
Scooner takes a peek.
Waylan is king of the castle.
"Who, Me?" -Mya
Dixie Loves Mao.
Scooner takes the bridge.
Liddy sticks by her pal, Molly.
Katie is quite the lady.
Too Cute, Mavis and Logan.
"Alright, who's ready to play?" -Bugsy
Princess Jade
AJ got Dixie to play. Go AJ!
Copper and Berkley like to hang out.
Logan, meet George. George, this is Logan.
Ginger and Dignan make quite a pair.
"Must Squeak Toy!" -Riley
Sweet Bailey Face.
It's another beautiful day at Pawtropolis.
Everyone wants the new toy.
Nick and Tilly wait for some action.
Logan loves the ladies: Bella and Tilly.
Moose and Sassy are best friends.
Roofus, Woody, and Shelby set up a game plan.
Buzz and Shelby pause for a moment.
Everyone loves the squeaky toy.
The Handy sisters love to romp on the grass.
Emma gives Dignan a kiss.
Cassie looks pretty in pink.
The ladies keep an eye on the boys.
"You know you want to play ball!" -Sally
Abby says good morning to her boyfriend, AJ.
Sassy takes a break.
"Did someone say squeaky toy?" -Johnny
Three's Company
Shelby has the giggles.
Maggie shows off her winter fleece.
Reo does her morning yoga.
Roscoe and his new best friend Harley.
Phoebe walks the runway.
Here comes Waylan.
We are always happy to see Forbes!!!
Tilly and Logan play well together.
Mao and AJ are cute little fluff balls.
A relaxing day.
Shelby picks Banjo to be her playmate.
Watch out Bernard, Curry is in a hurry.
Ziggy watches the rain.
Ella loves her Molly Brown!