September 29, 2008

The Leaves Are Changing (updated 10/14/08)

Everyone loves Homer.
When pups collide.
Nicki looks stunning in purple.
Joy lives up to her name.
I think she found you, Charlotte.
"Who Me?" -Ellie
Leopold is always looking for some fun.
Harley loves Billie Holiday.
Bernard and his faithful sidekick Al Kabone.
Cody is a cutie.
Bailey is mellow.
Millie and Ellie are best friends!
Carlos tries to help out whenever he can.
Duke is on the move.
Lexi and Stella are the sweetest pugs on the planet.
Maddie shows off her new haircut.
Mollie always lights up a room.
Bruno is a buttercup.
Foxy Rocket is daydreaming.
Happy 2nd Birthday Sally!
Roscoe is a gentleman.
There is no stopping "Tornado" Josie!
It's cuddle time.
Kylie and Roxy are sweet soul sisters.
Toby checks out the pup grass.
Dixie Cup takes a peek.
Davinci makes a great first impression.
Link's dream
Blue and Tupelo want the same thing.
Rocky loves to play keep away with Logan.
Julie radiates cuteness.
Angel is REALLY excited!!!
Grace has her eye on the ball.
Bridget is a natural model.
Oscar is a regular comedian!
Sunny makes the world a little more brighter.
Zeke and Zira are the perfect pair.
Bruno is a fun loving pup.
Finley and Carlos have a staring contest.
Reba and Jack make a really cute couple.
Wrangler always keeps us up to date.
Kenny enjoys his morning walk.
Zeke is so sleepy.
Tiki toys with Jack's affections.
Nana picks Belle to be her best friend.
Atticus gives his little brother Finley some love.
Spinach is on the go.
Nina is a cherub.
Shatz loves to have her hair done.
Bosley is awake!
Shelly (aka Stella) is becoming a lovely young lady.
Bridget has a blast.
Owen is a sweetie pie.
Logan and Abby are flirty.
Sadie is so lovely.
Sophie gives Jekyll a little kiss.
Miley is full of glee.
Cash and Lucas have good times.
Alex and Romeo laugh together.
Chloe loves to have fun.
Everyone loves a soft bed.
Bob cracks us up.
Izzy takes it easy.
Lucky loves to give kisses.
It's puppy love for Kylie and Chip.
Best Buddies: Black Jack and Jasper.
Charming Gus
A typical fun filled morning.
Super Sonic
Layla is all smiles.
Darcey and Axel play musical chairs.