July 6, 2011

July 2011

Cosmo likes to flirt.
Rufus has a blast during his Playtime.
One Tired Rufus.
Shiloh is curious.
Buddy is a friend to everyone.
Here comes Buster!
Shadow loves to swim.
Duke likes to have a good time.
Oscar is a happy pup.
Jack is a sweet boy.
Meet Chloe, she is a sweet little girl that loves cats. She is for adoption through Helping Paws Rescue. Please stop by and meet her.
Lexi likes her perch.
Leicester loves his Personal Fitness.
Good Morning Tilloo.
Puma and Sally play in the pool.
Sookie and Mikey will play together all day long.
Cooper and Abby play a game of chase.
Piper plants a kiss on Cooper.
Can you tell Buster and Duke have been playing non-stop?
Harley is such a gentleman.
Whitie is a sassy senior.
Jasper sees his mama, Amber.
Always happy to see Maddie.
Bo is so sweet.
Annie likes to play musical chairs.
The ladies (Sally, Addie, Penny and Betsy) take over the pool.
Penny and Sally are swimming buddies.
Good Luck getting Betsy out of the pool! She loves to swim.
Mudd sticks to the shallow end.
Tiki loves daycare!
Jack could swim all day.
Hatch is a water baby.
One Wet Zoey.
Dugan is all smiles!
It's Miles' first day, what a cutie!
Zoey dives in after the ball.
What a cute little Enzo!
Levi and Buster are best friends.
Oliver (our old foster John Candy) is a handsome pup.
Chigger likes to cool down on a hot day.
Gracie does
Dexter loves the pool!
Charlie gets his paws wet.
Addie is always the first one in the pool.
Coco adores her brother Monty.
Heidi checks out the pool.
Jaime gets his first big boy haircut.
Kiki likes to sit on her perch.
Anita loves her cat naps.
Percy and Sophie love the comfy chairs.
Chowder and Lily chat.
Dory is a cutie!
Beau tells Duncan a secret.
Rafiki is adorable.
Duke is very sweet!
Duncan and Gino take a break together.
Willa and Daisy are partners in crime.
Abby and Georgia have some fun together.
It's a family reunion with Lily (Mom in middle) and daughters Ivey (l.) and Zima (r.).
Happy to see you back, Zoe!
Georgia is a lovely lady.
Angel and Zima work on their tans.
Anita is a stunning beauty.
Kiki is curious.
Willis introduces himself to Buffy.
Jacquimo and Moxie are two peas in a pod.
Toby is a step above the rest.
Cooper and Mowgli are having a deep conversation.
You know it's too hot out when Poseidon isn't in the pool!
Badger stops by to say hello.
Rosie and Belle like to hang out together.
Maci and Yogi get their first haircut.
How can anyone resist Gavin's pleading eyes? (Yes, there was a treat involved)
Frank loves cheerios!
Priscilla makes herself comfortable.
Buffy has something important to say.
Tillie and Blue see nose to nose.
Addie and Bindi relax on the cool floor after playing.
Abby loves to play with her pal, Willis.
Chowder and Vixen have fun together.
"A cool floor feels good on a hot day." -Monty
Pepper and Mollie have a relaxing stay.
Hector is such a gentleman.
Shorty and Huck meet at the water cooler.
Mickey lounging around.
Archer loves everyone.
Abby has a crush on Drake.
Jamie is a feisty fido.
Leo is a sweet natured pup.
The boys are back! (Mickey, Beau and Jaime)
Run Sticky Run!
Jazzy knows how to brighten your day.
Nala loves to give kisses.
Espy is so good looking.
Tadzio is king of the slide.
Beau is always up for some fun.
Sookie is gorgeous!
Trouble is such a clown!
Sookie, Darcy, and Gunner play a game of tag.
Buster isn't too sure what to do now.
Jessie wants Gunner to join her.
Nan gets Bodhi squeaky clean.
Becca likes to blow bubbles.
Bodhi could be a scuba instructor!