June 8, 2008

Swimming the day away (updated 07/19/08)

Freedom can't wait.
Rocky dares Jack to join him.
No rough housing boys!
Italy springs into action (and I get all wet).
Ariel and Zoe wait for the pool to fill.
vivian likes the spa action.
Bailey cools off.
Waldo and Winston can't wait till the pool is full.
Hunter loves to splash!
Who's ready to race?
"Ahhh." -George
Gus can't get enough.
Jasper joins in.
Leopold gives the pool a try.
"You try it first."
Blue prefers the shallow end.
Biscuit tests the water.
Who will get the ball first?
Wet and Wild!

Georgia checks the temperature.
Ella catches some rays.
Abby loves to dive.
Becca could swim all day long.
Elvis is the king of the kiddie pool.
Louie and Addie take a sip.
Katie is debating.
Abby and Vivian want to help fill the pool.
Bauer and Annie have a blast.
Spud takes the plunge.
Logan blows bubbles.
Freedom loves the cool water.
Lifeguard Sally tries to save the ball.
Mya and Abbagale are swim buddies.
"The water's great!" -Harley
Annie likes to slide in.
Sally is a champion diver.
Sammy loves to swim.
Mandy is a bathing beauty.
Alice makes a splash.
What do you three see?
Buzz does a perfect dive.
Tiki likes to get her toes wet.
Scooner dives right in.
Scrappy is happy.
Zeus looks like a little otter.
Logan likes the deep end.
Here comes Malcolm!
Jack cools off.
Harlan's not much of a swimmer.

Almost there, Bailey.