September 27, 2012

September 2012

Nick, Tiger and Lily cuddle on a chilly morning.
Pax wants to see what's going on.
Ham shows off to Speck.
Vixen and Levi have fun in Central Bark.
Watch out Georgia, Bud is right behind you.
Pretty Kitty does her morning yoga.
Koda is happy to see Melman!
Sadie is too cute!
Cloe and Jasper enjoy the afternoon sunshine.
Dodger is Pax's swim coach.
"Is the water warm enough?" -Grizzly to Ike.
Levi would make a great soccer player.   

Khujo welcomes Linus to daycare.
Tiger tries to be taller than Violet.
Ham cools off.
Tiger has a great smile.
Sookie looks up to her pal, Bubba.
Oscar is wide awake.
Max is a sweetie!
Ashur hides from George.
Gwen and Pancake get their toes wet.
Look at this face! How can you resist Joe's soft brown eyes? Please stop by and meet this heart breaker, and all our other fosters that are up for adoption.
Pancake sees the pool as a two for one deal. Get to cool off and drink at the same time.
Mikey gives the best hugs.
Gunner in his favorite spot.
Cara wants Georgia to get out of the pool and play with her.
George is a party animal!
Milo is so handsome.
Moonpie and Spurrier lounge together.
Crew tests the water.
Pablo wants Hunter to come play.
Forget the bucket, Tuck drinks right from the tap.
Pax laughs as Gunner belly flops.
"Ewww, this pool tastes like dog." -Murphy
Oakley teaches Bear how to woo the ladies.
Spurrier was brave and got into the pool herself.
Ranger and Little Gem make themselves at home.
Biscuit and Crew prefer the shallow end of the pool.
Hunter and Millie smile for the camera.
Gigi wants Sirah to join her in the pool.
Buster is having a great time.
Raider cools off.
Speck and Raider race.
Jack dives in.
Good Morning Rudy!
Georgia and Luca are happy to see each other.
Lucy has a crush on Duke.
Rufus keeps his eyes on the ball.
Ms. Ginger gets comfortable.
Milo and Buster play well together.
Spurrier watches Georgia splash around.
Chowder and Lily chill out together.
Ashur and Lizzie are best friends.
Who wants the ball?
Harley has some important news to tell Levi, George, and Speck.
Rue flirts with Reno.
Ella takes a dip.
Khujo has a quirky smile.
Cassie has her two favorite things: the jolly ball and the pool.
It's a "Golden" hug.
Dignan loves his girlfriend, Teddi.
Beau always has a smile.
Stella has great posture.
"Did someone say lunch?" -Georgia
Milkdud is as sweet as her name.
Louie is curious.
Ham gets down to George's level.
Peedee is an angel.
Phylo tries to outrun Georgia.
Grizzly is so handsome!