May 9, 2007

Adventures in Daycare (updated 5/27/07)

Georgia and Murphy are queen and king of the slide.
Ziggy and Atticus love the rings.
Cassie washes her paws before eating.
Angel and Baxter help fill the pool.
Jack and his pack.
Georgia says hello.
Angel in the igloo.

Ah, cool water on a hot day, Angus loves the life.
Gus dreams of a day at the beach.
Those aren't onion rings, Duke.
Bandit wants Nina to join him for a dip.
Mr. Darcy tries to convince Lily that the pool is cool.
Rally and Duke are devising a plan.
Lucy and Stella are determined to figure out where the water is coming from.
One Wet Bob
Butchy loves the jolly ball.
Turley enjoys the shade.
Girlfriends Vegas and Devi devise a plan to get up the slide.
Bailey loves to slide.
Beulah set her mind to climb the play equipment....
And she succeeded.
Carlos loved his hike.
Ah, sibling rivalry. Max and Chloe both want to take the bull by the horns.
Chance prefers yoga.
Isabelle likes to stretch before playing.
How many dogs can fit through the door?
Bailey keeps a lookout.
Ella cools off.
Angus loves to play on the bridge.
Charlie is mad at the water hose.
Good buddies, Charlie and Oakley love to wrestle.
Dutch and Scooby are tired after a game of chase.
Charlotte isn't afraid of Tobby.
Theo and Nina like to lounge.
Chloe welcomes Charlotte to the playgroup.
Tess checks out her neighbor Doh Doh.
Bailey is just happy to be here!
Chance tries to help Dakota up the slide.
Moonpie and Bosley veg out.
Sunbathing Hazel.
A crowd watches Lucy.
Travis calls out to his friends.
Lucy and Cassie dare each other to jump in.
Travis loves the play equipment.
Phoebe wants to climb the slide.
Blue and Tiki enjoy each others company
Frazier, Charlie and Tobby around the water cooler.

May 5, 2007

Dog (and Cat) Days Of Summer (updated 5/28/07)

Jack loves his little buddy Doogal.
Nina has found a forever home. Congratulations Nina!
Chassie is an angel!
Zulu isn't afraid of heights.
Sleepy Face Tippy.
Shiloh on his perch.
Stella has a beautiful brindle color.
We are so happy to see you, Linus.
Lexi is jumping for joy.
Luminous Katie.
Gilly is Logan's sweetheart.
What beautiful eyes you have, Rocky.
The Ladies (Abby, Turley and Sophie) love to gossip.
Logan is a team player.
I love your smile, Sparky!
Riley is a lady in waiting (please come see our foster dogs).
Come here Casey and give me a kiss.
Tobey isn't too sure about this whole bath thing.
Sophie and Riley watch the birdie.
Panda is ready to party.
Lucy is happy to have a family!
Dozier relaxes in the shade.
Stella has a contagious smile.
Missy longs for a hug.
Rocky makes everyone happy.
Fletch can't decide whether to go in or out.
Moose loves to watch the medium group.
Turley gives the best hugs.
Trouble strikes a pose.
Veda (adopted) is the cutest puppy ever!
Buddy's having a good time.
Lucy and Angus wait for the ball.
Meier is a handsome whippit.
Doogal is very proud of himself.
Our newest little foster, Chassie.
Pretty Daisy
Murphy can't stop smiling when he sees the camera.
No one puts Baby in a corner.
Elvis is ready to play in th pool.
Manda and Katie make a stunning pair.
Cooper Cutie-pie.
Nick is all smiles.
The "Katies" chat about their day.
Vegas and Meier are the best of friends.
Cayman, what big ears you have...
Onyx is a feisty little guy.
Duke is king of the bridge.
Did someone say "Scooby" snack?
Circe catches some afternoon sun.
Anna is a loving friend.
Cassie gets some fresh air.
Bear and Misty meet for the first time.
Banjo waits to go into Pawtropolis.
Link makes a face.
Tobby wants my attention.
Puppy takes a peek.
Miss Rose, you're as lovely as your name.
This is our newest foster, Murphy. Please stop by to meet this amazing dog.
Charlie has the most beautiful mane.
Our foster, Theodore needs a good home. How can you deny this cute face?
Everyone loves to play with Buckley!
Where's your ball, Frazier?
Rudy found his hike exhilarating.
Scooner is joyous everyday!
Ella loved playing with all her new friends.
Addie is a happy girl.
Best Friends know how to share.
Jazz is the best kisser!
Abbie is eager to play.
It is a pleasure to meet you, Jackson!
Copper is a serene soul.
Tess is an independant woman.
Coco has an amazing spirit.
Gretchen and Doogal play follow the leader.
Coco has a secret for Bosley.