June 16, 2012

June 2012

Gandolf is such a handsome boy.

Penny and Jonesy spy from above.

Lucy and Ashur stroll around the pool.

Riley tells Buddy an amusing story.

Sookie plays hide and seek with her mom, Whitney.

Lexi makes herself at home.

Vixen, Hooper, and Lucy catch up on the playgroup gossip.

Kya and Chowder are interested in what Popsicle has to say.

Maggie Mae is an angel.

Size doesn't matter when it comes to puppy love. Just ask Lulu and Baxter.

Widget strikes a noble pose.

Siblings Cali and Lacy relax for a moment.

Sweet faced Grace.

Amelia gives Sable a peck on the cheek.

Beau likes to hang out with Kari and Tish.

Oszkar does his morning jog.

Grace and Chloe watch the birds.

Marley and Mao cuddle together.

Gizzy keeps his eye on the ball.

Early is debating if getting wet is worth the ball.

Cara and Archer watch Angel nab a tennis ball.

Ashur watches Lucy blow bubbles.

Buster leads a game of chase.

Heidi tests the water.

Stella has that all knowing look.

Kya is a party girl.

Turk is such a handsome boy.

These water babies love the pool.

Harley and Marley are swimming buddies.

You almost got it, Scout.

Happy to see you too, Harlan.

Pebbles is a cutie.

A very handsome Scout.

Great to see you again, Max.

Chowder and Toby take it easy.

Xena is always looking for a good time.

Pax and Bentley want everyone in the pool.

Toby relaxes for a moment.

Elvis is so good looking.

Buster wanna play?

Better watch out, Whitney is going to get you.

Bella and Sookie zoom around the playground.

Amos gets his paws wet.

Tiki loves to have a "spa day" at Pawtropolis.

Hampton is being silly.

Milo thinks Elijah's shoulders is the perfect place to hide the ball.

What up, Hoss?

Jock is adorable.

Daisy and Pocket are best friends.

Butler takes it easy after going on a hike.

Pax would make an excellent scuba instructor.

Good Morning Everyone!

Thor is growing up so fast.

Boots takes his turn to relax in the chair.

Becca and Pax can't get enough of the pool.

Bella finds a shady spot.

Earl has a great grin.

Augie shows Clayton and Saidie that the pool is fun.

"Tag, you're it." -Chipper to Sunshine.

Rama is too cute!

Katey Lynn loves to relax on the car bed.

Macy is beautiful.

Ms. Bea is a sassy senior.