December 5, 2010

December 2010

Molly Brown can't wait for Christmas.
Baby has the holiday spirit.
Blue would make a good reindeer.
Mao and Charlotte in their holiday sweaters.
Everyone loves Dinker!
Juliette is a beautiful girl.
Cash likes to play soccer.
Cassie and Sable keep their eyes on the ball.
Junior and Leeloo are fun to watch.
Nugget's tail is always wagging.
Toby shows off his new haircut.
Frank sees his Mom.
Bailey and Beau Beau are buddies.
Charlie is a playful pup.
Jake is a happy boy.
Kenny loves to be held.
Dignan and his girlfriend, Tiloo.
Someone's making lunch (Molly and Dignan).
Savannah likes to smile.
Smokey gets a hug.
Moses and Kirby make a cute couple.
Buddy loves the staff.
Bodhi says "Cheese!".
Good Luck in Atlanta, Ooga and Butchy. We'll miss you!
Henry Tucker gives Smokey a hand.
Grace and Jay cuddle up together.
Belle and Quinn take a mid-morning nap.
Penny tells Crosby a secret.
Penny has lots of friends.
Jack is a lively chap.
Whiskey is frisky.
McGregor loves to give kisses.
Hershel knows how to have a good time.
Emmy has beautiful eyes.
Ella is very lovely.
Good things come in small packages, right Monty?
Louis and Skylar see someone in the window.
Grady holds still just for a second.
Maggie watches from above.
Charlie does a little dance.
Lucy is going to get you, Francis.
Jack, Brindle, and Annie have a meeting.
Layla is adorable!
Skylar is hoping for a forever home. Please come by and meet our foster dogs.
Dog and Lily are not only sisters but best friends.
Pickles show off his trick.
Bogey has a sweet face.
Sammy is so handsome.
Rookie loves to play with Willie Mae.
Here comes Minga!
Willie Mae is ready to play.