May 31, 2011

June 2011

Vixen adores Soy!
Flash and Daisy are so cute together.
"Woof...Who goes there?" -Jet
Cosmo loves the scratching post.
It's puppy love for Pocket and Daisy.
Froto likes to dance.
Lil Gem is as sweet as can be.
What's up, Bud?
Charlie is sooo happy!
June has such soulful eyes.
Here comes Party Hardy.
Happy to see you, Duncan.
Trouble makes us laugh.
Kenny loves being loved on by the staff.
Millie loves to play with Burger.
Atticus loves to tease his sister, Bailey.
Juliette gives Millie a hug.
Elo is a sweetie.
Burger is all smiles.
Biscuit bobs for tennis balls.
Pancake dives right in.
Zima and Ella are best friends.
Abby splashes around.
Watch out Ella, here comes Zima.
Swim Lucy Swim!
Bugsy works on his tan.
Oszkar rests for a moment.
"Did someone say snack?" -Frank
Marley and Punkin take it easy.
Soy shows Vixen a new yoga position.
Lollie is a bathing beauty.
Addie can't get enough pool time.
Jack and Meggie both have their eyes on the ball.
Millie and Rascal have fun in Central Bark.
Blue takes a break.
Tut has a great smile.
Lollie is all smiles.
Maddie is always happy to see everyone.
Oliver and Ripley are brothers who love to hang out together.
Diana is a happy girl.
Levi spots a bunny in Central Bark.
It's pool party time.
Lily flirts with Winston.
It's puppy love for Diana and Baxter.
Ranger has a crush on Bella.
Dexter in his favorite spot.
Dory meets Moonpie.
Shorty shows Clancy his favorite toy.
Shorty loves to play all day.
Congratulations Levi on your newly adopted home. You are going to make your family very happy.
Everyone loves Bella.
Ginger has grown into a beautiful young lady.
Ginger welcomes her new pal, Dory.
Willa loves her best friend, Atticus.
Lily is a sweetheart.
Rosie always has a sunny disposition.
Harlan finds a shady spot.
Audrey likes to be eye level with the birds.
Jack loves to lounge in the sun.
Hank loves his Central Bark playtimes!
Here comes Cylas!
Gnatalie is ready to play some fetch.
Woobert and Bauser like to keep an eye on things.
Brody tells Levi a secret.
Swiffer has one of his favorite toys.
We are always happy to see our adopted fosters like Pendy.
Jane has a sunny disposition.
Nothing better on a hot day than a cool pool, right Libby?
Leicester and Bear are happy to see each other.
Chelsea is so beautiful!
Salem loves to frolic in the pool.
Luke likes to run circles around his brother, Wrangler.
Even in the tub, Herschel has his favorite toy.
Buster is happy playing with his friends.
Buster and Swiffer make a plan.
Indy sticks to the shallow end.
Leo makes himself at home.
Maddux debates on whether to tale the plunge.
It's Golden Day at the pool (Casey, Wesley, and Libby).
Libby and Piper chat about jumping in.
Sasha and Pendy check out the pool.
Chip has the right idea!
Bentley is always the first one in the pool.
Mikey, Luna and Chip run around.
Queso makes everyone feel welcome on their first day.
There's nothing better on a hot day than a cool pool.
Maisey, Dakota, and Luna share some secrets.
Maisey and Abby enjoy a game of chase.
Abby tries to make the pool fill faster.
The Dude makes himself at home.
Brock loves his friends and the staff.
Chewie is a clown.
Shadow gives the best hugs.
Baxter has a great smile.
You almost got it Leo.
Charlie is everyone's pal.
Beau and Whiskey like to wrestle.
Belle chills out.
Scout says "talk to the paw!"
Here comes Carlos! He loves his playtimes.
Soy and Layla are best friends.
Cooper is always up for a game of fetch.
Zoey is a happy girl.
Charlie and Jack meet for the first time.
Ripley has grown into such a cutie.
Melly and Dior are too cute!
Lucy strikes a pose.
Casper feels right at home.
Brooklyn and Raina enjoy playing together.
Heck is a handsome boy.
Vivian has her eye on the egg.
Ulysses shows Lennon the toy he's got.
Buddy looks very dapper after his haircut from Alison.
Puma loves the water!
Come meet Dodger our newest foster. As you can see he is very handsome and agile. Not to mention very sweet.
Cocoa and Emma love their playtime.
Charlie cuddles with Phoenix.
Willie Mae enjoys the scenery.
Vivian, Annie, and Lucy are bathing beauties.
Jessie takes a dip.
Lucy shows Parker how she gets in the pool.
Molly is always smiling.
Always happy to see Ralph.
Vixen is curious.
Everyone loves the summertime.
Vixen and Gnatalie are tired after a busy day.