January 12, 2009

Happy 2009 (updated 01/18/09)

Who says three's a crowd with Moonpie, Turley and Boomer?
Jack has a sleepy face.
Dakota shows us one of her tricks.
Major is a cutie!
Mavis laughs at Drake's jokes.
Violet and Buddy catch some rays.
Hunter and Buster keep their eye on the ball.
Love is in the air with Ansley and Dooley.
Chace knows how to sit pretty.
Zaylan gets comfortable.
buzz and Mollie pal around together.
Bruno is waiting for his friends.
Cole is a beautiful baby.
How many can fit on the bed?
Samson is a sweetheart.
Walt keeps his eye on the ball.
Cute little green Bean.
Ellie, Nicki, and Brady take it easy.
Francis always has a blast.
Tornado Josie.
Sasha is lovely.
Shatz and Charlie are two peas in a pod.
Hoppy is ready for his workout.
Mason Dixon keeps up.
Wilson after his massage.
Hutch takes it all in stride.
Dog gets comfortable.
Fleecy is a hoot.
Abby and Charlotte check out the others.
Dog, Dignan, and Biddle are on the lookout.
Cash is getting so big!
Handsome Echo
Sally and Spud have some sibling rivalry.
Ellie has an idea.
Addie is a happy girl.
Bailey loves his Baby.
Biscuit and Dooley are pooped.
Buddy is a beautiful boy.
Annie has a baby face.
Ms. Bea and Delilah consider going out in the cold.
June, Alice and Turley are picture perfect.
Lilly can't contain her excitement.
Noodles is ready for lunch.
Romeo (Jack) & Juliet (Icey)
Sandy is spectacular.
Biscuit and Nutmeg play well together.
Sunny greets everyone with a smile.
Gabby is good at yoga.
Dara LOVES Nana!
John Candy shares his favorite toy.
Mojo keeps everyone happy.
Amber has a crush on Dignan.
River and Cash make a cute couple.
Biddle is so serious.