September 7, 2011

September 2011

"Well, I got in here. Now what do I do?" -Oszkar.
Willie Mae gives Oszkar some moral support.
Luca checks in on her sister, Miley.
Lennon is such a handsome boy.
Italy and Lucy like to hang out together.
Rosie, Mavis and Bella cheer on the swimmers.
Willis has a great smile!
Monroe in his favorite spot.
Sable and Sugar want to see what's going on.
Boomer says "Ahh".
Burger and Riley run some laps.
Bindi loves to swim!
Sweet Pea lives up to her name.
Lily Lu is an angel.
Nellie and Piper cuddle together.
Look at this face, how can you resist her? Chloe is looking for a family to call her own. Please stop by and meet this sweet girl.
Whitey may be 17, but he still has a lot of spirit!
Chloe and Piper are waiting for their friends.
Look how cute Piper is! She is looking for a home so she can love you forever!
Pancake and Chip love to play together.
Brock always has a smile.
A little rain doesn't hinder Rugby from playing.
Levi is growing up so fast.
Dexter is a fun lovin' boy.
Whiskey shows good customer service.
Xander peeks from behind the counter.
Xander is a happy boy.
Pocket and Daisy make a cute couple.
It's a family reunion for brothers, Phoenix and George!
Archie waits for the tennis ball.
Riley takes a dip.
Penny is so pretty.
Everyone wants the ball.
Opie loves to swim.
Ginger shows Samantha her pearly whites.
Violet and Princess are best friends.
Roma has a kind heart.
Conrad is a sweetheart.
BJ makes a funny face.
Drake is all smiles.
Bailey has the best smile.
What's going on, Lacy?
Baxter and Scruffy like to hang out together.
Chowder is a cutie.
Magnolia is a sweetie.
Even when resting, Cassidy still has the ball.
Gracie takes a break.
Sasha and Gracie are very excited to play fetch.
Lucy not only swims in the pool, but on the grass as well.
Pete is always happy to play with his friends.
Annie did the impossible, she got the egg out of the pool (with Pancake's help)!
Pete, Fisher, and Annie love the cooler weather.
Luca gets her toes wet.
Lucy waits for someone to join her.
Pancake and Cassidy keep their eyes on the ball.
Pax likes to splash around.
Athena and Sully dance the tango.
Baxter and Boomer like to wrestle.
Sully takes a dip in the pool.
Baxter loves to play all day.
Boomer is always ready to party.
Meet Scully, he is a very playful boy, always on the go. He loves to play with other dogs but will always take time out to be loved on. Please stop by and meet your forever friend.
Meet Rugby, as you can tell he is very laid back. He loves to cuddle and play with toys. Please come and meet him, he will love you forever.
Meet Xander, he is one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. He is very happy-go-lucky and never without a smile. Please stop by and meet him, he will win your heart.
Buster makes a run for it.
Betsy is ready to play fetch.
Ella enjoys a bit of sun.
George and Ena are best buddies on their first day of daycare.
Soy and Ella wait for their friends to arrive.
Icey makes herself comfortable.
Checkers is a sweet gent.
Flower and Kirby look after each other.
Pax likes to check everything out.
Soy in her super secret hiding place.
Good Morning Heidi.
Addie is never without a smile.
Charlie is happy to see her friend, Monty.
Monty rests for a moment.
willie Mae loves her buddy, Pax.
Betsy plays keep away with the ball.
Lucy leads a game of chase.
Sadie likes to play soccer.
Soy likes to tell Ella all her secrets.
Baxter and Harlan are best buddies.
You're going to throw that ball, right?
Xander gets a kiss from his foster sister, Paisley.
Paisley is a spunky little gal. Please stop by and meet her, she will melt your heart.
Abby enjoys some rest time.
Zoey jumps for joy.
Zorro gears up for the cooler weather.
Bailey and Albert are best friends!
Faith Ann says "Cheese".
Sydney enjoys hanging out.
Dylan is too adorable!
Lady is sitting pretty.
Rufus likes to keep us up to date on current events.
Truman and Kya make a cute couple.
Archer and Rufus make each other laugh.