December 2, 2009

Season's Greetings

Zach and Cash have some fun.
Moonpie settles in.
Mia has a wonderful smile!
Emmylou was once shy but not anymore.
Mia and Petey romp around.
Belle always has fun.
Charlotte gets comfortable.
Bentley and Reina check out what's happening.
Charlotte had a great first day.
Biscuit checks out the camera.
Jonah is a wild man.
Buglet LOVES to play!
Baxter has become such a handsome boy.
Jake is a loverboy.
Scout takes a minute from playing.
Brady is a cutie!
Nutmeg is an active little lady.
Bella loves to give hugs and kisses.
Leela remembers her Grandma foster Ella.
Tulip is a joyful girl.
Sally, Hoppy and Spud break for lunch.
Hamilton makes Jessie laugh.
Midnight is a handsome boy!
Chelsea and Moe are best friends.
Jessie is enjoying some quiet time.
Abby is a fun lovin' gal.
Happy to see you too, Annie.
Kona has a gentle soul.
Lucy has a great smile.
Flower is resting (just for a moment).
Everyone likes to play with Princess.
Dexter is looking for a warm lap.
It's nap time for Spud.
Hoppy loves to give kisses!
Buzz looks bashful.
Good Morning Zach
Dottie has a crush on Link
Sweet Dreams Ella
One very happy Jack.
Sasha and Gracie enjoy hanging out together.
Francis looks mischievous.
Blue has a crush on Skye.
Belle and Lucy are as sweet as can be.
Merrybelle looks good in blue.
Isabelle shows off her pretty pink coat.
Angel enjoys the afternoon sunshine.
Lucy and Annie are the doublemint twins.
Fergie give Knowshon a kiss.
Sweet Shy Smokey
Everyone loves Grace!
Bentley is always in a good mood.
Bear shows off his new sweater.
Brothers Charlie and Chance enjoy a spot of sun.
Petey and Rosie share everything.
Mistletoe is ready for bed.
It's the good life for Tish and Kari.
Brindle wants to give you a kiss.
Lucy should be a model.
Tish and Sierra warm up together.
Ella wants to help Santa.
Palmer gives great hugs.
Peaches is as sweet as her name.
Billie Holiday and Abby cuddle together on a rainy day.
Jake loves the camera.
Ranger gets comfortable.
"It's my first day and I love it." -Oliver
Presley and Dakota tired each other out.
Cali is a girl on the go.
Ella tells Dakota a secret.
Presley is growing up so fast.
Jessie, Annie and Prince play well together.
Gracie is everyone's friend!
Biscuit can't help but smile.
Magnolia's smile can light up a room.
Spud and Sally keep an eye out for their friends.
All Ella wants for Christmas is a home of her own.
Tahoe and Simon are fuzzy bundles of love.
Cisco is squeaky clean.
Archie is ready for Christmas.
Charlie loves her hikes.
Buster gets a bath before he goes to his forever home.
It was love at first sight for Grace and Blazer.
"Cheese!" -Henry Tucker
Everyone loves the cooler weather.
Oreo is an angel.
Eli is curious.
Harlan and Jasper check out the ladies.
Neko is a Michigan State fan!
Gus and Norm catch up.