May 6, 2012

May 2012

Bud and Sookie cuddle together.
Diana is a sweetheart.
Everybody say "cheese"!
It's pool party time!
Dooley and Noel catch some rays.
Meet Tula. She is a happy go lucky girl that is looking for a forever home. She is bright, free spirited, and a little cuddle bug. Please stop by and meet this special girl. She is sure to melt your heart!
Speck is growing up so fast.
Georgia in her favorite spot.
Jessie gets her toes wet.
Ginger cheers Pax on.
Lily has a great smile.
Bo loves to play in Central Bark!
Cody takes a dip in the pool.
Murphy and Heckle are best friends.
Jock with his two favorite things: the pool and a ball.
Hardy is always up for a good time.
Chloe is a cutie!
Angel, do you want to go on a hike?
Manni loves being at Pawtropolis.
Here comes Buster with the Jolly Ball.
There's lots of running and playing to be done.
Angel and Sookie nap together.
Everyone is jealous of Boyd's playtime.
Stella enjoys some shade.
Baxley loves lounging in the pool.
Sookie loves that peanut butter.
Percy takes it easy.
Bear loves the new chair.
Chelsea is in search of birds.
Fergus is too cute!
Lucy and Penny are water babies.
It's Walters first day and he jumps right in.
Everyone greets Chowder when he arrives.
Seriously kids, the pool will be full in a minute.
Be brave Max. You can do it!
Sugar gets some life guarding tips from Cassie.
Ella and Cassie are ready to race.
Ike and Puma like to swim together.
Bear is so handsome!
Can't imagine what has Sugar and Puma's full attention.
Sisters Tula and Lizzie are very ambitious. They brought that bed out there by themselves. Please stop by and meet these girls, they are so much fun to be around.
Who is going to get that ball?