June 15, 2009

Pool Party (updated 07/05/09)

Gabby, Max, and Lucy love the water.
Tulip tries out the pool.
Swiffer is a water baby.
Penny is excited.
Buddy draws a crowd.
Chunky waits patiently for the pool to fill.
Sparky gets his feet wet.
Jake likes to watch the pool fill.
Maxine can't get enough of the pool.
Happy Monster cools off.
Francis and Baxter romp in the water.
Gabby and Maxine play in the baby pool.
Meggie cools off.
Vivian loves to float.
Jake can't get enough of the pool.
Hunter and Dewey frolic together.
Addie tries to convince Buster that the deep end is cool.
Woody gets his toes wet.
Glory is a bathing beauty.
Dexter tries to swim underwater.
Addie could swim all day long.
No horseplay, kids.
Ella gets comfortable.
Barney takes to the water.
Maybe if we all concentrate the ball will come to us.
Jasper likes to soak.
Angel jumps in.
Buster cools off.