February 9, 2010

February 2010

Sister is an angel!
Grace watches from her perch.
Katie and Abby are not only sisters, but best friends.
Austin loves to nap on the bed.
Meggie tells Abby a secret.
Indy greets his litter mate sister, Reesie.
Reesie cuddles with Percy.
Archer loves to play.
Carly is so excited!
Charlotte enjoys a lazy afternoon.
Moon Doggie is pretty in pink.
Lucy enjoys an afternoon nap.
Ansley makes herself comfortable.
Willis is ready to play with Chloe.
Siblings Pepper and Joey are bound to have fun.
Kaylee watches from her perch.
Bobo takes a peek outside.
Tux is waiting for a forever home.
Mollie is a beautiful baby.
Jasper and Lucy join the party.
A game of chase has begun.
Ella has a crush on Tux.
Merrybelle loves to nap in the chair.
Vanilla and Princess meet for the first time.
Oliver is a happy go lucky boy.
Mollie and Tegan take in some sunshine.
Merrybelle and Presley play a game of tug.
June, Alice, and Moonpie snuggle on a winter's morning.
Rookie and Barney share the bed.
Belle does her morning yoga.
Meggie and her favorite toy.
Bailey is a cutie pie.
Harley is so handsome.
Everyone enjoys the meet and greet.
Cali, Augie, and Carson enjoy each other's company.