December 8, 2008

Season's Greetings (updated 12/08/08)

Lolly gets the best of Jack.
Duncan is all smiles.
The kids soak up some afternoon sun.
Super spy Brady thinks this disguise will work.
Winston loves the squeaky toys.
Lucy and Tess are best friends.
Watch out Baxter, Dooley is sneaking up on you.
Sasha and Jake catch up.
Romeo takes a seat.
Charlie and Shatz model their holiday sweaters.
Mollie and Spike are the dynamic duo.
Is that a Fezzie in you pocket?
Zach feels a sneeze coming on.
Tiki has a secret.
Preston takes it easy.
Jasper has a case of the wiggles.
Lulu and Oscar are yin and yang.
Amos should be famous.
Harley says hello.
Libby and Preston are the golden couple.
Kia loves to entertain.
Minga's smile lights up the room.
"Please adopt me." -Biscuit
Izzy and Bosley are two peas in a pod.
Hurricane Meggie
Bashful Sparky
Sully is a sweetheart.
Lucy loves her morning hike.
Spud is fascinated.
Catch those bubbles, Jack.