December 2, 2011

December 2011

Our Fosters: Suzie-Q, Aspen, and Noel like to cuddle together.
Audrey is being flirty.
Good to see you, Moe.
Penny has such a pretty smile.
Willow and Kya relax together.
Beau and Lucy make a cute couple.
Ham loves his pal, Moe.
Ginger is so pretty.
Pancho gives great kisses.
Some of you may remember Jetta. She was brought back to us due to her family's son having developed allergies to pet dander. How heartbreaking! She is looking forward to meeting you and hopes to join your family soon.
Carmen does laps in top speed. Please come by met this silly, lighthearted girl. She wants to be a part of your family.
Our happy and healthy Domino is looking for someone to call his own. He loves other dogs, and everyone he meets. Please come and meet this precious little man.
Hatch likes to play all day.
"You're going to throw this, right?" -Willie Mae.
Charlie likes to have a good time.
Ella is ready to play fetch.
Everyone loves to play with Levi.
Chi chi has a great smile.
Josie, where's the ball?
Cooper is always happy!
Popsicle has something to tell me.
Suzie Q is looking for a forever home. She is sweet, submissive, and happy. Please come by and meet her, you are sure to fall in love!
Tippy is in his favorite spot.
Audrey is still waiting for that special someone to come into her life. Please come by and meet this beautiful girl.
Belle is an angel.
Biji is a happy girl.
Bacchus and Talgo romp together.
Maggie is queen of the castle.
Rosie, Talgo, and Beau love to play together.
Beau glistens in the sunshine.
Herschel loves the water.
Bud and Reba cuddle together.
Katie Lyn wears her Thunder Shirt with pride.
What's up, Drake?
Bella is growing up to be a beautiful young lady.
Sookie plays keep away with Luca.
Boomer is so handsome.
Lupo adores Penny.
Pax is all smiles.
Nothing can break Belle's concentration.
Moose is having a blast his first day of daycare.
Lily and Angel watch to see where a staff member is going.
Beinget makes some new friends on his first day of daycare.
Bailey sits still, just for a moment.
Ashur loves to come to work with his Mom, Llyn.
Pocket is quite the ladies man.
Pocket greets his friend, Bear.
Bess has quite the crush on Duke.
Good Afternoon, Bailey.
Tish and Bindi share some laughs.
Icey is curious.
Bindi jumps on home base.
Bashful Tank.
Everyone loves to lounge on the bed.
Marley sitting pretty.
Meet Domino. You may remember seeing pictures of him when we first got him. He had mange and was very tiny. Well, look at him now! Mange free and the sweetest little man that you will ever meet. He adores everyone he meets and loves to play with the other dogs. Please come by and meet this special pup. He is sure to win over your heart, as he has ours.
Nan gives Max a kiss while grooming him.
Alice, June, and Dooley relax together.
Toby is a gentle soul.
Kip is a cutie.
Chelsea is ready for her Central Bark.
Buster loves to play with his friends.
Good to see you, Homer.
Domino gives Tucker a kiss.
Willow is a sweetie!
Xanthie is ready for a nap.
Soy keeps her eyes on the ball.
Good Morning, Ella.
Georgia takes a break.
Chelsea and Soy play around.
Ella loves to play with her pal, Xanthie.
These kids have the right idea on a cold day.
Bear and Sugar smile for the camera.
Jackson is ready to play!
Brothers Baxter and Xander got to spend the day together.
Jangle loves to play fetch.