September 11, 2007

Fun, Fun for Everyone! (updated 9/29/07)

Wimbley shows off her team spirit!
Abbigale takes a breather.
Snarla is sassy.
Lucy peeks in.
Magnolia is as lovely as her name.
Berkley and Angel see nose to nose.
A sign that Tilly had a fun day.
Milo and Clover cuddle together.
Everyone loves to watch Charlotte and Bear play.
Scooner and Maddie make a great couple.
Ansley Loves Pawtropolis!
Sleepy Face Brett
Sammy pauses for a moment.
Tucker loves to give kisses.
Izzy is busy.
Buddy has such kind eyes.
The cuteness never ends with Forbes.
Dooley is friends with everyone.
Katie is the happiest girl in the world!
Banjo loves to share jokes with Froto.
Rhodie is a beautiful redhead!
Leopold tells Jenny all about his "little brother".
Wrangler is full of sunshine.
Jade loves the camera.
Our cute couple, Mavis and Ziggy.
"Is the coast clear?" -Clover
Everyone is happy that Bear is back from summer vacation.
Pepper has oodles of energy.
Billie Holiday is all smiles.
Grace takes it easy.
Emma loves her playgroup!
Nick is the party king.
Bailey wants to be you best friend.
Ok, Athena, I'll stop stalking you with my camera.
Always happy to see Ellie.
Georgia is perky.
"Look what I can do, bet you can't." -Ziggy
Sky is as lovely as her name.
Cutter loves to have one on one time.
Onyx is a happy boy.
Harlan likes to chase tail.
Why so serious, Dakota?
Shelby fawns over Crowley.
Sassy has Bette Davis Eyes.
Trina shows off her curves.
Lucy and Sully protect the bridge.
Bella LOVES Boss.
Mollie's tail never stops wagging!
Sunfire has happy dreams.
Shelby loves to be by your side.
Kansas the wiggle butt.

Samson is pure puppy love!
Scooner and Fozzy play follow the leader.
Madeline wakes from her nap.
Ruby in the tub.
Lacey and Calli work the room.
Berkley is a serious thinker.
Maggie, I think Addie really wants to play with you.
Duncan is happy to visit.
Tilly loves daycare.
Pretty as a Daisy
Bailey and her shadow.
Lyco should be spelled F-U-N.
Meggie goes in for the kiss.
Gabby, would you like a belly rub?
Sisters Forever
Italy wonders why she hasn't been adopted yet.
Boss in mid-wiggle.
Always Happy Atesh
Ziggy's eyebrows give him character.
Joey (aka Popsicle) has grown into a handsome boy.
Dooley loves to hang out with his buddy, Moonpie.
Darcy says "cheese!".
Katie is loads of fun.
Mya Blue Eyes
Georgia enjoys the good life.
Lovely Lacey in the sunshine.
Dakota, you have peanut butter on your nose!
Matilda is feisty.
Mollie loves to clown around.
Sebastian is welcoming.
"Can you see me now?"-Otto
Jade is ready to play.
The Handy Sisters give each other a hug.
Oliver, I remember when you were a baby.
Aww, Elvis loves his brother, Willie!
Mavis loves to make everyone smile.
Scooner glows like the sun.
Forbes is proof that miracles do happen.
Shatz looks lovely in pale green.
Shiloh is king of the world.
Malcolm jumps for joy at the prospect of dinner.
Bear high-fives Charlotte.
Otto blows a raspberry.
Abby enjoys a spot of shade.
Berkley and Murphy survey the area.
"Come on, look how cute I am, throw the ball." -Link
We are so happy you joined us today, Rocky.
Molli Anna and Charlotte model the latest in fashion.
May I have your attention please...
Lunch will be served in five minutes.
Hey kids, you are supposed to SWIM in the pool.
It's the good life, right Bosley?
Moonpie gets his chew on.
Sleepy Face Brett.
Jade and Sally are the best of friends.
Chassie checks to see if the coast is clear.
Lelu is beyond beautiful.
Izzy is the definition of sweet.
Bugsy and Ginger are in LOVE.