September 13, 2009

Happy Kids! (updated 10/28/09)

Sisters Lily and Dog adore each other!
Happiness is...cuddling with your best friend (Belle and Zach).
Hector loves the cooler weather.
Puma is such a joker!
Indy and Baxter wait for their names to be called.
Nouba, Nouba, Nouba!
Badger likes getting fit.
Jake and Maddie hear some friends coming.
Jilly and Monty enjoy each other's company.
Siblings Petey and Rosie love everyone.
Lacy is such a sweetheart!
Marley shows off his new shirt.
Maddie takes a moment.
Link and Eli check out what's going on.
Lucy and Archer make a cute couple.
Elvis is quite the charmer.
Why so serious, Jack?
Bunny will make your heart melt. Please adopt her and love her forever.
Gus likes to hang out.
Willis keeps an eye on things.
Great to see you, Jake and Lucy!
Dakota is curious.
Hey Joe, what's happening?
Baxter is a sweet boy.
Boomer is ready to play!
Ghee and Scout catch up on the news.
Wilson in his super secret hiding place.
Dooley loves his Moonpie!
Little Lucy is all grown up.
Jasper is sweet on Zach.
Bongo loves having his picture taken.
Buddy takes a much deserved break.
Buzz is a happy boy.
Indiana Jones looks comfortable!
Jake and Cody see nose to nose.
Maddie keeps a look out.
Zach whispers to Bella.
Bella gives great kisses!
Axel tells us what he has been up to.
Abby and Ami heard the magic word (walk).
Swiffer and Cookie are best buddies.
Truman falls for Cali's charms.
Abby is precious.
Bugsey soaks up some sunshine after many days of rain.
Bizarre Love Triangle (with Charlie, Carlos and Gracie).
Robbie greets everyone with a smile, and would really like a forever home!
Sydney and Henry are in love.
Truman is on the move.
Wrangler is surprised!
Jessie loves a good joke.
Lily gets comfortable.
Yuma and Zach do a playful dance.
Sophie and Percy see a squirrel.
Wembley loves to give kisses.
Presley and Archer play a game of tug.
Mao makes sure Charlotte looks her best.
Dexter is 100% pure love.
Happiness is a warm lap for Tyty.
Bentley waits for the toy to be thrown.
Bentley, Dexter and Archer relax on the bed.
Indiana Jones is the apple of his Mom's eye.
Truman greets everyday with a smile.
Maxine is a good time gal.
Everyone greets Sammy.
Tucker tags Chase.
Chase goes in for a kiss.
Wrangler keeps an eye out.
Serious Shelby.
So happy to see you Henry!
Austin is ready for anything.
Tiki knows it's Friday!
It's always fun to watch Moe and Happy Monster play.
Annabelle is a good kisser.
Pete is growing up so fast.
Piper is such a lovely girl.
Hendrix's Mom is inventive!
Cain shows off his new polo.
Jersey the comedian.
Trixie is a spunky senior.
Hank alway has a smile.
Maxine plays keep away with Noah.
Little Princess is a doll.
Pete and Bella make a cute couple.
Satchel, it's great to see you.
Presley is a party girl.
Henry Tucker tries to wake his buddy, Dooley.
Dooley and Moonpie make out.
Sleepy face Dooley.
Noah and Belle snuggle.
Puma and Palmer like to watch the ladies.
Jessie is all wet!
Truman tries to keep up with Belle.
Pepper is precious.
Gracie and Carlos play kissy face.
Noah and Scout play well together.
Zach needs s happy forever home.
Sisters Tulip and Zima.
Rocky struts his stuff.
Abby adores to be pampered.
Sable and Rylie show off their synchronized swimming.
Hoppy loves his personal fitness with Shane.
Norm and Hardy take a break.
Cooper is sweet!
Swiffer and Maggie splash about.
Roman shows off a trick.
Poseidon does a few laps.
Cassie shows Buddy her diving skills.
We are always happy to see Kenny.
Spud and Poseidon can't wait for the pool to fill.
Siblings Gwen and Tuck nap after lunch.
Mavis gives Tank a bear hug.
Rylie plays tag with Lucy.
Tulip is always ready for fun.
Mya wants a cookie!