October 31, 2011

Happy Howloween! 2011

Jessie is a cute bumble bee.
Dodger tries to look scary.
Monty is a busy bee.
Phoenix is a dapper leprechaun.
Charlie is ready to get some honey.
Monty sports some lederhosen.
Moonpie is a sweet bee.
Looks like Cooper found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Mardi likes to party in his costume.
Lucy is a queen bee.
Annie is "beeing" good.
Tank is a very cute Dogzilla.

October 2, 2011

October 2011

Elmo loves the Elmo bed in Bed & Biscuit.
Champ is a cutie.
Bentley is curious.
Bella lives up to her name.
Albert always has a smile.
Checkers wants to cuddle.
Lily and Angel adore their pal, Pocket.
Duke wants to see what's going on.
Fezzik being silly.
Jazzi is sitting pretty.
Founder is a happy girl.
Lauren likes to hang out in the Tiny Tots.
Heidi is waiting for a friend.
Sasha is a sassy senior.
Jazzi is a sunbathing beauty.
Meet Torch. He not only is very handsome, but has a awesome personality. He loves to play with other dogs, is affectionate, and likes to swim. Please stop by and meet him, he will win over your heart.
Whitney gets a kiss from Jessie.
Dakota is a beautiful girl!
Willie Mae and Bella love to play together.
Bear is ready for a nap.
Popsicle always makes us laugh.
Popsicle, Monty, and Cooper have some fun.
Cooper is a happy pup.
Meet Jazzi. She is a beauty that likes to have fun with other dogs, and is incredibly smart and well trained. Please stop by and meet her, she is one of a kind.
Drake likes to have a good time.
Truman is so handsome.
Levi tries to figure out how Abby got up there.
Jazzi and Talgo are best friends.
Francis loves being in daycare.
Heidi picks you, Bud.
Hunter always has a smile for us.
Everyone loves Cooper.
Heidi is beautiful.
Soy in her favorite chair.
Ranger and Lil' Gem make themselves at home.
What a great smile Murphy has.
Lil' Gem and Salem lounge in the sun.
Ranger is a sweetie.
Buster gets comfortable.
Cara is a cutie.
Grace gives her pal Cooper a kiss.
Bailey has a great smile.
Lucy, Jack and Dinker think the water faucet is magical.
Look out Beau, Ike is going to tag you.
Natalie does her morning yoga.
Abbagale wants to see what's going on.
Cassidy likes to play with all her friends.
Bear is ready for the fall weather.
Bella goofs around.
Whiskey sits still for a moment.
Gunner likes to party.
Ella has a great smile.
Annie has Sammy and Bella jealous.
Dexter takes a seat.
Sophie is a sweetie.
Brothers, Scully and Xander adore each other.
Huck loves to play with Dexter.
"What are you doing over there?" -Samson.
Katy is a gentle girl.
Maddux tries to tackle Sookie.
I can see you, Ike.
Becca brings it back.
Mavis, Sookie, and Samson keep a watchful eye on the ball.
Archer is sleepy.
Nathan takes it easy.
Sammy and Jake both want the ball.
Molly tells Dory a funny story.
Dory found Bella's hiding place.
Hoppy and Badger like to share.
Rugby likes to flirt.
Good Morning Bear.
Lily plays hard to get with Pocket.
Greta likes the view from up top.
Angel loves her friend, Nellie.
Where's Queso?
Ellie and Millie are comfy.
Moonlight has the ball.
What did everyone do last night?
Everyone loves Cooper.
Welcome to Pawtropolis, Beau.
Cassidy is one tired pup.
Sookie and Jessie take it easy.
Three cuties in a row (Betsy, Cooper, and Annie).
Meggie REALLY wants me to throw the ball.
Jake always has a smile.
Sylvie wants to see what's going on.
What up, Pip?
Milly has had a fun filled day.
Blue is a big boy now.
Duke thinks the pool is one big water bowl.
Jack and Duke jump around.
Jump in the pool, Lucy!
Jessica spends some quality time in the Tiny Tots.