February 14, 2009

Getting Warmer (updated 03/11/09)

Give me a kiss, Bruno.
Harley is ready to party.
Dooley and Gracie make a cute couple.
Good to see you Bailey!
Birdie is a social butterfly.
Libby and Gracie have some fun together.
Barney has the kindest face.
Ooga and Butchy are not only brothers but best friends too.
Teddy Bear likes to dance.
Obie and Sequoia watch the others.
Gracie fell asleep while eating lunch.
Baxter takes a breather.
Bugsy is king of the castle.
Kona is getting sleepy.
Jake is very handsome.
Blue wants to play soccer.
Wrangler is on the move.
Uno loves her playmates.
Riley is ready for some fun.
Amos alway has a smile.
Chowder loves Pawtropolis!
Katie has a lovely singing voice.
Cloe is a pampered pooch.
Yoda is very wise, indeed.
Abby is the apple of her Mom's eye.
Birdie is sophisticated.
Gratti may have some good news soon.
Bentley is a little angel.
Oliver loves to entertain.
Winston shows off a trick.
Tired Mowgli?
Buddy is happy to show Lucy around.
Scout has oodles of energy.
Kirk is a happy boy!
Penny give Hunter a smooch.
Lucy keeps an eye on Mowgli.
Gretchen sees the bird...
Wow, these little kids sure can eat!
Sasha's new little sister, Grace, came to visit.
Dooley has a crush on Birdie.
Henry and his best bud, Rufus.
Bongo is a party animal!
Wesley always has a great time.
Banjo gives great kisses.
Buddy is all grown up.
Jack Bauer tries to catch a raindrop...
and misses.
Francis tries to make a snow cone.
Nana gets down to Puma's level.
Bauer is overjoyed.
Buzz is trying to decide if the snow is fun.
Atticus loves this weather.
Dallas takes a seat.
Amber and Tux frolic in the snow.
Moshi is content.
Worley shows Abby his latest dance moves.
Angel always has a smile to spare.
Oscar is never grouchy.
Dexter is ready to rumble.
Zack loves to party with Samson.
Blue is one big happy boy!
Zach loves the snow.
Here comes Ellie!
Patches loves to gossip.
Rocky is ready to roll.
Good Luck Romeo.
Puma is precious!!!
Oscar and Harlan compete over Angel's affections.
Biddle thinks the view is better up here.
Tiki is ready for the pool to open.
Alee has a big heart.
Theodore can't stop laughing.
Buster and Tupelo race with the ball.
Hunter can do it!
Duke weighs his options.
Gracie is gorgeous!
We are happy to see Blitz and Cleo.
Watson is on the case.
Flower gives Major a smooch.
Cuddling siblings (Spud and Hoppy) miss their sister, Sally.
Abby waits for her favorite groomer, Allison.
Lily and Max love to be together.
Phoenix is a cutie!
Baxter loves his first day of school.
Emma looks so serious.
Blazer is a handsome gent.
"I'm a big boy!" -Henry Tucker
Dallas struts her stuff.
Tory is an angel.
Bailey has a heart of gold.
Buzz hugs his buddy, Biddle.
Happy Monster keeps a watchful eye on everyone.
Give me a kiss, Georgia.
Bear is as cute as a button.
Murphy is a little camera shy.
Ali gives the best hugs.
Monty is having a great time!
Lulu watches from her perch.
"Come a little closer." -Rayen
Daisy plays coy with Mya.
Noodles and Sydney bow to their partner.
Dillon and Buster love that jolly ball.
Ansley is everyone's best friend.
Sophie always looks forward to her hike.
"Hi, my name is Chunky. Got any peanut butter?"
Mowgli and Jack Bauer race towards the finish line.
Just squeeze in a little tighter.
It doesn't get any cuter than this.
Our Mama Dixie
Sophie leads a charmed life.
Princess Bailey will have none of that.
"Please play ball with me." -Hershel
Little Princess is lovely.
Playing musical chairs
Disco is a party dog.
Hester is a natural model.
"I can do it all by myself." -Buster
Dillon and his favorite toy.
Here comes Atticus!
"I'm pooped." -Abagale
Romeo gets some sugar from Daisy.
Nicki is ready for Valentine's day.
Willis is comfy.
Roscoe loves the ladies.
Daisy Mae and Sydney play well together.
Georgia flirts with Buster.
Remy plays keep away with Nana.
Dagney shows her softer side.