November 7, 2010

November 2010

Piper is an angel.
Rookie stops for a minute, then it's off to play again.
Nico likes to watch the others play.
Isn't Annie cute?
Ranger loves his belly rubs.
Rangler loves to be hugged.
Rhodee aka "Mama" is a lovebug.
Lily is so pretty.
Tiki is a joy to be around.
Good Boy Hunter.
Bella loves to cuddle.
Elo is a good kisser.
Whiskey is a loving girl.
Biscuit, tell me about your day.
Forrest is such a happy boy!
Grace takes it easy.
Carolina really wants a cookie.
Rocky has a gentle soul.
Hershel makes a funny face.
Chip takes a seat.
Forrest and Hershel play a game of chicken.
Mavis and Wylie cuddle together.
Wendell thinks Lucy is pretty.
Clancy welcomes Louie to playgroup.
Brooklyn peeks outside.
Murphy makes himself at home.
Sully is a handsome gent.
Clancy watches from above.
Betsy is on top of the world.
Greta stays warm on a crisp day.
Sadie loves to have her picture taken.
Good Morning Cooper.
Murphy and Monty are best buds.
Presley is adorable.
Marley enjoys her spot of sun.
Hannah is a lovely lady.
Toby being silly.
Chewie loves to give kisses.
Chloe takes the stage.
Swiffer is so handsome!
Congratulations Wiley on being adopted!
Lucy and Emma like to hang out together.
Annie and Bella watch the others.
Colby loves Charlie.
Gnatalie is sizing up the situation.
Turley is always a happy girl.
Petey and Rosie curl up together.
Jasper, Sadie and Punkin love to play chase.
Little Bo likes to play with the ball.
Cheesey just woke up.
Lucy takes a seat (on Jessica's lap).
Shiloh enjoys the good life.
Willis takes a little break.
Charlie loves to play.
Annie is a sweet girl.
Belle and Meggie are old friends,
Addie takes a rest.
Bella is a beautiful baby.
Sammy is so handsome!
Buzz and Leichester are funny to watch.
Crosby and Pete make quite a pair.
Boomer hears something interesting.
Beo is a handsome pup.
Sadie and Punkin like to play games.
Siblings Poppy and Scout love each other.
Tiki, Whiskey, and Bella love the cooler weather.
Coco is so cute.
Rockwell shows off his new sweater.
Annie, Rhett, and Beau play well together.
Wendel wanna cookie?
Punkin wants a warm lap.
Annie and Belle love to play together.
Sunfire is exceptional.
Clancy is adorable!