May 14, 2010

May 2010

Puma can't get enough of the pool.
Mia tries to "save" the ball while Buddy watches.
Francis and Branch love to play ball in the pool.
Silas is growing stronger every day, and loves daycare.
How can you resist Colby? Please come meet him, he's looking for a forever home.
Angel and Rosie work on their tans.
Buddy cools off.
Sandi is a sweet angel.
Riley is a clown.
Siblings Scarlett and Butler are two peas in a pod.
Arthur has an award winning smile.
Bailey excels at customer service.
Pancake has her eye on the ball.
The boys play tag.
Belle and Henry Tucker are ready to race.
Blue soaks his tired paws.
"This is for you." -Annie
Wrigley could swim all day.
Pete and Colby are inseparable.
Lyla relaxes.
Colby does some laps.
"See? The water isn't deep." -Mia
Gracie is so proud of her sister, Sasha.
Pete tries to dunk Colby.
Belle catches a butterfly.
Annie races out of the water.
Herdy gets wet.
Ella and Molly Sue take a mid-morning break.
Nora is a happy girl.
Pancake shows Juniper a new way to enjoy the pool.
Peek-a-boo Grace
Tarbaby gets a lion cut.
Almost there Mia.
Jet really wants the ball.
Sophie, Jessie, and Mia stay in the shallow end.
Jasper goes for a dip.
Scout and Francis watch the action.
Molly Sue and Juniper enjoy the cool water.
Ella and Zima take the plunge.
It's a pool party.
The girls lounge around the pool.
Surprise, it's Sophie!
Brady flirts with Kaylee.
Watch out Chloe, here comes Baxter.
Silas loves his rawhides.
Bobo and Junior like to share.
Franklin is a beautiful baby.
Here comes Jenny!
"I think I got water up my nose." -Charlie
Indy rounds the bend.
Francis and Forest splash around.
Buddy cools off.
Watch out Belle, here comes Mia!
Dexter tries to convince Jasper to come into the deep end.
Wait for it...
Mia and Annie are the best of friends.
Emma is a sassy senior.
Who wants to play fetch?
Ryman wants a kiss.
Jack is on the move.
Doxy has a cute little smile.
Fuzzy's tail never stops wagging.
Jessie LOVES the pool.
cody and Billie Holiday keep an eye on the others.
Kona and Annie have fun in the sun.
Truman is such a clown.
Molly Sue chases her shadow.
Poppy by the water cooler.
Texas Pete hopes to get Lucky.
Olive prances in the pool.
Dooley's not to sure.
Boss is a water baby.
Lucky likes to wade in the water.
Riley being silly.
Rosie and Sophie watch the pool being filled.
Moonpie's true identity is revealed!