June 21, 2010

June 2010

Ella takes a seat.
Heidi looks wistful.
Buzz and Tillie like each other's company.
Otto's tail is always wagging!
Georgia is a sweetie-pie.
Kenzie plays hide and seek.
Jersey loves to romp and play.
Oliver has the giggles.
Libby cools off.
Hector is a sweet old gent.
Franklin is adorable.
Sammy sprawls out.
It's a mid-morning nap in the Tiny Tots.
Kaylee, Freckles, and Brady watch whats going on.
Annabelle is all smiles.
Riley loves his girl, Presley.
Wiley loves his playtime.
Good Morning Rufus!
Abby says hello.
Colby and Francis splash around.
Cody is so sleepy.
Lucy and Mia try synchronized swimming.
Emma shows Bella her pearly whites.
Emma has a beautiful smile.
Mia gets an early start.
Simon says..everyone on the bridge!
Junior and Punkin love to play.
Blue and his favorite ball.
Cisco patiently gets a nail trim.
Pancake and Moonpie are in love.
Brady likes to snooze in the sun.
Always happy to see Kenny!
Bama is surprised!
Daisy and Jonah love to play together.
Sparky can't wait for lunch.
Manda is an angel.
Bella being silly.
Abby is relaxed.
Ami loves to go on her daily hikes.
Everyone wants a ball.
Lucy and Mia are the best of friends.
Maggie takes it easy.