October 10, 2010

October 2010

Chelsea is a beautiful girl.
Moondoggie shows off her new hoodie.
Eli tackles Oliver.
Beo sings for his friends.
Reagan always has a smile.
Monroe is too cute as a pumpkin.
Merle gets bigger everyday.
Charlotte makes a cute little frog.
Amos is adorable.
Lucy and Monty are the best of friends.
Angel, Zima, and Jet like to share.
Zena is investigating the slide.
Henry Tucker is at top speed.
Scruffy is in love with Kylie!
Freckles has fun with Truman.
Bowser is a serious pumpkin.
Scrappy make a cute fireman.
Bobo peeks outside.
Fuzzy is a cute little stinker.
Eli and Gnatalie make a great team.
Leeloo and Truman found Kya's hiding spot.
Ella and Tucker love the fall weather.
Fuzzy love to play with his pal, Elvis.
Macy, Charlotte, and Bear have a get together.
Beau Beau is a happy boy.
Dixie and Toby make a cute couple.
Midas makes himself at home.
Colby would really like a home to call his own. Please stop by to meet our fosters.
Belle does her morning laps.
Willa loves to laugh.
Indy takes a peek.
Eli, Soy and Gnatalie enjoy the fall weather.
Charlie watches from above.
Truman loves to play with everyone.
Dexter loves his spot of sunshine.
Always happy to hang out with Mavis.
Violet enjoys some quiet time.
Homer is adorable!
Willis is a happy boy.
Porter is all smiles.
Bama loves to have his picture taken.
Annie and Tuck do the tango.
Emma and Jasper hang out by the pool.
Zima and Sophie love to play together.
Oliver and Jasper play a game of chase.
Abby has such soulful eyes.
Bowser and Angel take an afternoon nap.
Petey uses his sister Rosie as a pillow.
Nutmeg, Tucker, Betsy and Beau catch up with each other.
Bear loves to cuddle.
Mango is a lovebug.
Freckles loves to relax in the chair.
Mao is such a sweetheart.
Tucker clowns around.
Murphy is always happy.
Henry Tucker shows off his ball.
Sophie and Lucy debate over who is going to get the ball.
Oliver watches Sophie swim.
Clyde is too cute.
Sadie curls up with a favorite toy.
Leeloo, Oliver and Rhett play well together.
Oliver and Eli take a dip in the pool.
Belle is on top of the world.
Penny keeps a watchful eye on the others.
Harlan makes a run for it.
Jessie gets her toes wet.
Archer is king of the slide.