July 29, 2008

Summer Vacation (updated 09/20/08)

Little Rascal.
Bashful Jack.
Fiona makes a stand.
Alex gets ready for bed.
Everyone enjoys the view.
Belle and her ball.
Sweet Georgia Girl.
Grace and Mya debate.
Atesh is back!
Nicki is an angel.
Lily is never without a smile.
The trio of cuteness.
Logan shows us a trick.
Brothers Dodge and Hud stick together.
Gracie loves her morning hike.
Bosley serenades Cassidy.
Buddy Bob and John Candy are too adorable!
Charlie and Wrangler exchange good mornings.
Izzy, Fisher and Charlie add to the excitement.
Cocoa, Harlan and Jack romp in the yard.
Savannah enjoys a shady spot.
Everyone is happy to see their pal, Berkley.
Bella pounces on a toy.
Truman and Zoe enjoy a slow dance.
Girlfriends: Gabby and Billie Holiday watch the others play
Rufus gives Amber a kiss.
Brady enjoys the life of leisure.
Roo and Piper have a blast together.
Hank entertains us with a song.
Jasper and Sully dance the day away.
Hershel is awesome at playing fetch.
Nicki is ready for her close up.
Good to see you again, Winnie.
Maddie is always happy.
Sophie and Mowgli are the perfect pair.
Scruffy, Brady and Nicki share.
Becca and Baxter play some ball.
Knowshon is growing up so fast.
Everyone loves to splash in the pool.
Charlie is happy to be here.
Bear and Andy relax together.
Everyone loves to play with Mollie.
Good to see our silly Jilley.
Bernard and Al Kabone are the best of friends.
Drake loves to run in Central Bark.
Hutch is ready to go inside.
Elvis is so handsome.
Lucy gets a 10 on balance beam from the judges.
If Scruffy ever needed a sister, Cassidy would be a perfect match.
Ooga wants a kiss.
Butchie is all smiles.
Sparky's tummy says it's lunchtime.
Zeus looks for his brother Apollo in the other playgroup.
Wylie is a party animal!
Buddy gets in some chew time.
Grace knows what you are thinking.
Georgia falls head over heals for Knowshon.
Best Friends: Buddy and Daisy.
Zelda goes in for the tackle on Sid.
Lucy is a timeless beauty.
Layla's tail never stops wagging.
Jet zooms around the room.
Blue is searching for something.
Daisy loves the morning sunshine.
Oreo wants a cookie.
Violet gives the best hugs.
Ginger is on the welcoming committee.
Sierra is a super model.
Why the long face, Alex?
A little rain doesn't stop Bob from having fun.
Maple chases a bumble bee.
Atticus is in love with Hester.
Athena and Jack take it easy.
Buddy and Flower do the cha-cha.
When chocolate labs collide (Cash and Cena).
Baxter and Atticus enjoy a game of tug.
Buddy, Maple and Bosley catch some Zzzs.
Flower stands still for a second.
Lacy has a lovely smile.
Alex is ready for football season.
What a beautiful baby Juno is.
Nicki loves a warm lap.
A beautiful Pawtropolis sunrise.
We discovered that our foster, Bernard, is an artist. Can you see the heart?
and a tulip?
Cassidy loves field trips to the park.
Sabrina and Gracie enjoy some puppy fun.
Baby Brady
Rhodee and Cassie laugh at the boys.
Wrangler thinks about it.
Napping Billy
Charlie is all smiles.
Tag, you're it.
Mandy is looking fit and trim.
Happiness is...a ball for Baxter.
Siblings Sophie and Mowgli love daycare.
Scout snuggles with her boyfriend, Jack.
Alice and Harlan enjoy a game of tug.
Knowshon is a happy boy.
Nash is the man!
Josie tells Moonpie a secret.
Bear and his gal Charlotte.
Cassidy is an angel.
Oreo is adorable.
Otis cools down.
The boys talk about the ladies.
Wrangler has wind blown ears.
Bernard and Dooley take a much needed break.
Phoebe looks comfortable.
Eutaw loves to play.
Samson is a bit of a clown.
Beaudreaux says "Ahhh!"
Lily loves her Mavis.
Zoe through the looking glass.
Scruffy is so handsome.
Billy is full of energy.
John and Jenny are precious.
Sonnet is a sweetheart.
Atticus and Bailey sing a little tune.
Pearl has a happy home.
Rocky and Atticus are best buds.
Sophie loves feather toys.
Maggie tells Izzie a secret.
Happiness is a cold floor, ask Waldo.
Becca cools off.
Spud tests the water.
Run Gaby Run!
Abby and Scout relax together.
Diesel keeps his eye on the ball.
The boys catch up on the news.
A very happy Holly.
Beaudreaux always has a smile to share.
Wilson loves tennis balls.
Bret's sleepy face.
Cash is such a beautiful baby.
Andie and Mandy enjoy the afternoon sun.
Jpeg is very photogenic.
Sweet Lucy
Daydreaming Scout