August 1, 2007

Doggie Paddle (updated 8/29/07)

Swim Waylan Swim!
Nothing attracts a crowd like a party!
Sally lets Banjo know the water is perfect.
Waylan invites Maggie in.
Sally tries to persuade Georgia to join her.
Pepper and Sally try to "save" the ball.
George LOVES the pool!
Georgia blows bubbles.
Darcy in the deep end.
Logan knows how to relax!
Ziggy likes to stay in the shallow end.
Waylan and Vegas are pool buddies.
Blue and Murphy take an evening dip.
Woody loves to splash around.
Almost there, Katie!
Everyone likes to help fill the pool.
Look it's a Cingular commercial!
You can do it, Uno!
Who is going to get the ball first?
You can do it Woody!
Wrangler spies a leaf in the pool.
Jade does a belly flop.
Atesh likes to wade in the shallw end.
Everyone in the pool!
Lucy tries to convince Zach that the pool is warm.
Finley and Gracie watch the water rise.
Pepper captured the ball.
Waylan dives in.

Friends Fur-ever (updated 8/29/07)

Charlie knows how to make the ladies swoon.
Mollie thinks Charlotte is being too dramatic.
Georgia shows off her curves.
Moonpie catches the latest movie.
"Did someone say cookie?" -Tiki
Darla MUST know what's going on in the other group.
Brothers, Ozzy and Charlie make a great comedy duo.
Keep your eye on the birdie.
"Cheese!" -Max
Sisters: Phoebe and Ava.
Freedom has an itch.
Scottie the Hottie!
Bailey loves a good chew.
Riley Relaxes
Athena and Sasha: Queens of the playroom.
Boudreaux loves the morning sun.
Between Riley and Logan, that chicken doesn't stand a chance.
Ziggy loves the new toys.
Doogal tells Ariel a secret.
Reo, Chance and Moonpie enjoy the bridge.
Stick 'em up, Chance!
Doogal captures the ball.
Silly Molly!
Sisters, Georgia and Riley never get tired of playing together.
Chassie enjoys a bit of sun.
Tyler roams the hallway.
Riley has it all.
Cooper, you are so cute!
Get the ball, Beau.
Molly and Carlos hold paws.
Cooper is one good looking girl.
We are happy to see you too, Mariah!
There is nothing better than ball for Sally and Sasha.
Everyone fell in love with Samson.
Ellie the Brave.
Angel judges who is going to win this game of Tug-o-war, Cassie or Waylan.
Angel is the apple of her mother's eye.
Mavis and Buzz love one another.
Molly and Charlotte love to play together.
One sleepy Doogal.
Duke want a cookie?
Nap time is important to Molly and Maggie.
Lovely Lacey
Otto and his blanket.
Meggie shows off her summer cut.
Chance, Ginger and Sequoia catch up on the latest news.
Froto loves to play tag.
Hi Jake!
Sandy shows off her new fashionable bandana.
Reo and Beulah check to see who's coming in.
Obie is peaceful.
Super Handsome Nick.
Happy to see you Axel.
Maggie and Zaylan relax on the sidelines.
Jenny has a contagious smile.
Peanut is a cutie.
Hoosier plays in the fort.
Sid and Ginger relax together.
"Cheese!" -Ziggy Rae
Turley and Curry are best friends.
Kicker loves to romp.
Katie meets George.
Sunny lives up to her name.
We've missed you Rocky!
Max has a big heart.
Vegas is never without a smile.
Juno has her favorite things, the bed and a ball.
Maggie and Moonpie make a cute couple.
Bella loves her hikes.
Winston is too cute!
Pepper pauses for a moment.
Murphy in dreamland.
Savannah spies on her neighbor.
Commander loves to play with everyone!
Bristol is awesome.
Boss can't stop dancing.
Wiley is wiggly.
The coast is clear, Rufus.
Shivers loves her playtime.
It's great to know everyone can share.
Happy Tanner.
Reba, you need to visit more often.
Neighbors Gilly and Rufus catch up on the news.
Charlotte on her perch.
Foster pounces on his sister Emma.
Savannah sticks out her tongue.
The Three Amigos: Bailey, Vegas and Ginger.
Buzz and Gilly.
Dignan plays with the O'Keeffe Brothers.
George is all smiles.
Sally and the big blue ball.
Zaylan, it's great to meet you.
Bugsey and Rally are the best of friends.
Drake is one tired pup.
Darcey is a handsome young man.
Sophie loves to give kisses.
Emma is precious.
Winnie is fast on her feet.
Bear and Wranger check out the ladies.
Georgie the Cutie.
Belle likes to dunk her face in the water bucket.
Zucker shows off his summer cut.
Spartan, have you been in the pool?
Portia is excited about her first day.
Cocoa, you beautiful girl.
Bubba is happy to be here.
Buckley gives Charlotte a kiss.
Kansas makes a run for it.
Wild Eye Willie.
Fritz feels fine.
Logan keeps watch.
Drake and Riley are at the starting gate.
Where's your hat, Annie Hall?
Megan reads a bedtime story to Lucy and Pepper.
Sophie is one proud Mom.
Rufus checks out the neighbors.
Mickey enjoys the best of both worlds.
Ziggy watches his friends.
Maggie is always up for a good time.
We love you, Buzz.
Mavis is growing up.
"Who, me?" -Gus
Paris and Charlotte wrestle with glee.
Link LOVES his tennis ball!