February 29, 2012

March 2012

"I remember when it was my first day too." -Milo to his new friend, Koda.
Jaime thinks Milo is handsome.
The Feisty Fidos have a Field Trip.

Are you having fun, Roma?
Welcome back, Annabelle.
Buckley is growing by leaps and bounds.
Another Rowdy Rover Field Trip!

Sookie says, "Ahhhh."
How many dogs can fit in the pool?
Chowder, how can that be comfortable?
A Field Trip for the large dogs!

Chiquita and Bunny lounge together.
Marley, Pocket, and Turk catch up on the news.
Bunny stops by to say hello.
Angel has her eyes set on that bumble bee.
Chowder adores her pal, Indigo.
Abby and Willis are best friends.
Brooklyn peers out the window.
Indigo rests for a moment.
Heckle gives the best hugs.
Georgia is in heaven.
Rhett proves that Corgis can swim too.
Bindi takes a break.
Buster enjoys his two favorite things, the ball and the pool.
Good Morning Cisco.
Sonny Boy is a sweetie.
Josie is ready to play.
Oliver is so handsome.
Checkers loves his new haircut!
Happy 8th Birthday Cuddles and Rocky!
Moonpie thinks it's the perfect day for a medium dog Field Trip!

Monty and Rumble are ready to race.
Gwen is all smiles.
Ella tries out the stairs.
Jock shows off his new haircut.
Brothers Albert and Duncan hang out together.
Rumble wants to see what's going on.
Isis enjoys the sunshine.
Luna makes herself comfortable.
Another perfect day for a Field Trip!

Betsy makes a break for it.
Cooper found the tennis ball's super secret hiding place.
Milo likes to tease Buster.
Everyone loves a Field Trip!
Gunner, that ball is bigger than your head!

A very happy Noel!

Wait, where are you going?
Simon says, "Everyone up on the bridge!".
Are you tired, Coby?
Dexter and Margie adore each other.
Gunner loves to play ball in Central Bark.
Boots is a cutie!
Best friends, Wesley and Noel, lounge in the sun together.
Pax and Betsy are best friends.
Buckley, how can you sleep like that?
Wrigsby tries to get the ball from Pablo.
Bentley shows off his new sweater.
George may be short in stature, but he has a huge personality.
Layla, Atticus and Max are the three amigos.
Heidi has her eye on the ball.
Pocket and Daisy share a kiss.
Banjo wants to learn how to drive.
Bailey, did you steal my seat?
Maks loves his new haircut!
Georgia can't wait til we open the swimming pool!
Don't worry Noel, we will find you a forever home! Don't let Noel's deafness make you overlook her. She is super smart, you just have to use hand signals instead of your voice. She would make an excellent second dog because she will follow others, and as an added bonus she loves to play with cats! Please stop by and meet this extra special girl.
Rhett always likes to have a good time.
Pablo has such a sweet face.
Happy to see you too, Archer.
Noel and Rudy love each other.
Tish, Oszkar is not a squeaky toy!
Boomer is so handsome!
Silas and Hamilton are best buddies.
Ham keeps Levi entertained.