January 19, 2010

January 2010

Bobo can play all day!
Max is king.
Leo and Puma keep an eye on what's happening.
Norm is so lovable!
Ella adores Reesie.
Merrybelle is looking for a happy forever home.
Libby is always ready for fun.
Rascal has boundless to energy.
Bailey is so sweet.
Isabelle relaxes after a morning of fun.
Jack is playing coy.
Henry Tucker and Boomer are curious.
Everyone loves to play with Bo.
Ella is a very happy girl.
Journey and Dignan are old friends.
Charlotte and Abby are not only sisters, but best friends.
Molly Sue is such a cute pup.
Little Lily is all smiles.
Luke, Leiscter, and Jessie, pal around.
Annie and Jessie love Luke.
Luke is so handsome!
Maddie keeps a lookout.
Tom's first day was a happy one.
Vivian takes a refreshing drink.
Lucy is a sweetheart.
Ella is pretty in pink.
Everyone has their corner.
Always happy to see Kenny!
Augie doggie says good morning.
Meeko always has fun.
Ella and Tazio are great friends.
Dog, Sable and Lily get together.
Zach shows off his cool coat to Sierra.
Pretty Birdie.
Augie and Carson are so cute together!
Best friends Moonpie and Dooley cuddle together on a cold winter's day.
Ella does her best frog impression.