April 30, 2009

Summertime Blues (updated 05/03/09)

Great to see you, Barney.
Winston and Max check out the ladies.
Opie loves Alice.
Ami is having a fun time.
Fiona likes to be with her friend, Abby.
Winston loves to make us laugh.
Archer and his best friend Noah.
Spencer is adorable.
Bruno is sleepy.
penny might be part mountain goat.
After a fun playtime...
Sierra relaxes in the pool.
Josie and Deacon play keep away.
Webster loves to hike.
Zach and his favorite ball.
Diesel plays around.
Great to see you, Jack.
Everyone loves Puma!

April 26, 2009

It's Pool Time! (updated 04/30/09)

Everyone has their eye on the ball.
Benji inspects the pool.
Tillie wants to join Vivian and Murphy.
Samson jumps right in.
Belle is so excited!
In and out, all day long.
How many dogs can fit in the pool?
Hoppy and Spud try to decide.
Preston jumps right in.
Sally wants everyone in the pool, NOW!
Cole splashes about.
The perfect pool day.
Webster, Puma and Addy are three peas in a pod.
Buddy is Georgia's swimming coach.
What's everyone waiting for?
Angel can't wait for the pool to fill.
Max tries to convince Sandy to join her.
Spike isn't sure.
Bear likes to wade in the water.
Matilda swims before getting into the water.
Abby gets her toes wet.
Thomas and Mary Jane jump right in.
Maggie is about to get wet.
Rockwell isn't too sure about the pool.
Jessica helps Meggie into the pool.
Dog frolics in the water.