August 1, 2010

August 2010

Charlie wants to play.
Austin gives the best kisses.
Juniper has a new happy loving home.
Chowder is always ready to play.
Bear is everyone's favorite (especially Greg's).
doxy had a cute little smile.
Gunner is a handsome lad.
PJ is a happy girl!
Daisy is a sweetheart.
Monty and Brooklyn splash around.
Jack is a sweet boy.
Willa is joyful.
Monty sitting still (for a second).
Bama Smiling
Hershel and his favorite toy.
Harlan is a happy guy.
Poseidon takes a break from swimming.
Channing has a tender heart.
Oliver shows Monty how to swim.
Lily knows how to have fun.
Rylie has lots of friends.
Soy is a happy go lucky girl.
Bindi loves all her friends.
It's nap time.
Cooper gives great kisses.
Cosmo loves the water.
Punkin has soulful eyes.
Greta enjoys herself.
Snarla is too cute!
Moses is a handsome gent.
Sable debates going into the pool.
Colby chases a butterfly.
Covey and Bailey love each other.
Georgia watches everyone.
Oliver and Maggie have a blast together.
Atticus and Soy play well together.
Ozzy and Cookie are adorable.
Georgia relaxes a bit.
Sable and Puma wait for the others.
Moses tries his best.
Poppy peeks out.
Ginger says Hello.
Chipper is a boy on the move.
The ladies enjoy a beautiful afternoon.
Sophie and Colby make a cute couple.
Poseidon can't get enough of the water.
Rufus and Swiffer are the best of friends.
Swiffer is all smiles.
Maddux swam in the pool for the first time!
Montana has become quite the beautiful young lady.
Bentley and Reina have a staring contest.
Everyone relaxes in the afternoon.
Sandi and Chloe share some girl talk.
Molly Brown loves to play in daycare.
Lyla tries out the pool.
"Are you going to get that?" -Dakota to Montana
Colby makes himself comfortable.
Dakota is an excellent diver!
Rufus is on the look out.
Brady, Rufus and Cooper like to watch the ladies.
Piper is a little princess.