September 15, 2010

September 2010

It's puppy love for Ace and Gnatalie!

Congratulations Toby on your new home!
Betty and Monty make a cute couple.
Blue wants a kiss.
Molly is a free spirit.
Harley checks to see what's going on.
Bama takes a little break.
Eva loves Jay.
Oh those lazy greyhounds!
Hamilton and Monty enjoy a game of chase.
Since it's Bella's first day, Jessie shows her the pool.
Pancake is determined to get the ball from Annie.
Good Morning Dexter!
It's cuddle time for Gnatalie and Ace.
Bear enjoys a little spot of sunshine.
Quinn would really like a forever home. Please come by and meet her and all our other foster dogs.
Vivian does her morning laps.
We love you, Mr. Magoo.
Freckles is the queen of playroom B.
Maddie has boundless energy.
Happy to see you too, Atticus.
Girlfriends Soy and Presley catch some rays.
Odie flirts with Vivian.
In a past life, Bud was a circus performer.
Hershel can play all day.
Duke LOVES to play.
Parker is a sweet natured girl.
Buzz being silly.
Leelou is a confident little girl.
Buddy shows off his summer highlights.
Dexter and Bobo take a break together.
Truman and Oliver do a little dance.
Jay takes it easy.
It's good to be Amanda and John's kids!
Ginger likes to relax.
June and Alice make themselves at home.
Tank loves to play non stop.
Archer is so handsome.
Willa looks thoughtful.
Turley is very sweet.
Bentley and Eli are the dynamic duo (guess which one is Batman).
Bowser and Covey like to share.
Lacey always has a smile for us.
Gnatalie has the giggles.
Eli makes everyone happy.
Betsy just got out of the pool.
Even a senior like Hector, loves daycare.
Toby loves to play with Ace.
One Happy Harley.
Ella is adorable.
Soy just woke up.
Truman, Indy and Harley catch up with each other.
It's tough to be a puppy, just ask Ace.