August 10, 2011

August 2011

Skully, Rugby, and Xander love going on field trips together.
Maggie has a crush on Sammy.
Maggie makes a splash.
Dexter knows what's going on.
Monroe makes a funny face.
It's Rudy's first day, and he loves it.
Monroe and his sweetheart, Sandi.
Charlie likes to keep an eye on things.
Italy is having a grand ol' time.
Jackson loves to play with everyone.
Oliver is a sweet boy.
Dexter loves the ladies (Lucy, Penny, and Becca)!
Freckles shows off her team spirit.
Murphy likes to flirt.
What's going on, Hardy?
Mavis is ready to play.
Bella wants to cuddle.
Lily is the princess of the play equipment.
Juliette wants to see what's happening in the other playgroup.
Bella has a great smile.
Oliver loves playing in the pool.
Lily gives Pepper an Eskimo Kiss.
Mardi and Queso are buddies.
Angel is a sweetie.
Faith Ann is very regal.
Riley makes himself at home.
Reese and Stax make a cute couple.
Sassy is a feisty tiny tot.
Queso is always so happy!
Meet Chloe. If you are looking for that special girl that will shower you with love and affection, then this is the girl for you. She loves to play with other dogs and loves cats too. Please stop by and meet this unique looking little lass.
Tuck loves his day at the spa.
Mardi wants to learn how to drive.
Leo likes to splash.
Who knew Torch would love the pool?
You almost got it, Archie.
Ginger has a crush on Dexter.
Buster has a handsome profile.
Miles is too cute!
Sophie keeps a watchful eye.
Zorro takes a break.
What up, Jet?
Kari and Tish like to lounge.
Happy to see you too, Bodhi.
Juno has a great smile!
Buster loves to have his photo taken.
Leo is super cute.
One Happy Murphy.
Look out Oszkar, here comes Betsy!
Charlie and Lucy can't stop laughing.
Molly Brown, Charlie, and Bo are enjoying the cooler weather.
Willis tries to take down Abby.
Angel loves to cuddle.
Bella is lovely.
Montana gives a high five.
Buster's tail never stops wagging.
Levi makes himself at home.
Sydney takes a seat.
Rusty and Monty take it easy.
Italy and Ella pal around together.
Jack has to rest for a moment.
Italy is ready to play some ball.
Everyone loves Cooper.
Sammy is a silly boy.
Magnolia is so in love with Samson!
Betsy and Austin make a love connection.
Mikey wants to see who's in the other playgroup.
Friends Sookie and Jessie take a nap together.
Betsy really gets into Shark Week.
Hi! My name is Dodger. If you are looking for a running companion who will give you years of love and affection then I'm the one for you. Please stop by and meet me. I'm waiting to love you forever.
Can't get enough of Dory.
Swiffer makes himself at home.
Lucy likes to have her picture taken.
Dinker makes everyone smile.
Gracie and Skip enjoy themselves.
Reba takes it easy.
Whiskey does some laps in Central Bark.
Olive is adorable.
There's nothing better than sitting in a cool pool on a hot day, right Sadie?
Buster makes a run for it.
Welcome back Connor, happy to see you again.
Lacey is happy to be with all her friends.
Maggie likes to get her feet wet.
Silver is all smiles.
If it were up to Mia, she would never get out of the pool.
Bentley clowns around.
Everyone loves little Nugget.
Freckles practices her model pose.
Gizzy is a little firecracker.
Maggie wants to see what all the excitement is.
Marley is waiting for the ball.
Gnatalie has a contagious smile.
Marley takes a break.
It's Twickers first day, and she loves it.
Good Morning Grace!
Remember Mardi? He was one of our fosters in 2008. He was recently brought back to us (at no fault of his own). He is looking for a forever home. If you are looking for an easy going little man, stop by and meet him.
Meet Raz. She is a fun loving, affectionate girl looking for a forever home. Come by and meet this wonderful girl.
Baylee likes to have fun.
Bixby is such a handsome boy.
Here comes Pocket.
The O'Keefe boys are always up for a good time.
Athena is a great judge of character.