August 11, 2012

August 2012

Coby and Buster are best friends.
Levi loves to romp in the grass.
Brothers Nick and Tiger are too cute.
Mia loves coming to Pawtropolis!
Whiskey tries to convince Crew that the big pool is fun.
Sophie and Jock splash around.
Bear gives Kenzie a tender kiss.
It's Banksey's first day and he LOVES it!
Whiskey makes a great swimming coach, just ask Hatch.
Pax wins the prize.
Hank and Dolores have a May-December romance.
Stella and Grizzley love to run in the rain.
It's summer love for Xanthie and Hatch.
Augie shows Milkdud how to dive.
Hank and Belle adore each other.
Milkdud likes to lounge on the bed.
Gunner does his laps.
Kenzie takes a break.
It's the Dog Days of summer.
Chloe loves the Dora chair in her Bed & Biscuit room.
Ike, Pax, and Hank frolic in the pool.
Aspen is sitting pretty.
Walter and Bud "crash" into each other.
Coda is a sweetheart!
Peanut sure loves Moonpie.
Rusco leaps for joy when Boomer arrives.
Sugar tries to tempt Hunter.
Sugar and Rusco play a game of chase.
Good Morning sweet Georgia.
Pax, Ruccus, and Bentley vie for a position.
Jasper looks so regal.
Fergus loves his Central Bark play times.
Xanthie loves the summertime.
Found your hiding place, Sully.
Anya and Pax love their morning swims.
Louie and Anya make a cute couple.
Minnie and Crew share a kiss.