March 16, 2009

Swingin' Tails (updated 04/26/09)

The Brewer sisters are ready to start the day.
Maggie and Thomas enjoy the sunshine.
Maggie is a little angel.
Sasha loves daycare.
Phoenix is ready for some fun.
Tillie checks out the action.
Beau gets his spring cut.
Raynah does a balancing act.
Zorra tags Francis.
Buzz takes a breather.
Bugsy goes in for the kiss.
Francis is a joker.
Kaylee rests for a moment.
Mojo brightens everyone's day.
Addie falls for Georgia's charms.
Rocky has a crush on Mavis.
Billie Holiday gets comfortable.
Abby and Athena mug up for the camera.
Rosie and Petey enjoy some quiet time.
Gratti plays non-stop.
Lucky is bright eyed.
Rye is an angel.
Norman is king of the mountain.
Buster is a master tag player.
Henry tests the water.
Pepper is a striking beauty.
Biddle wishes for a loving home.
Today is Athena's first day.
Good Morning Kya.
Can you tell Jessie loves daycare?
Gracie comes out of her super secret hiding place.
Always great to see you, Hopi.
Moonpie, what are you up to?
Baxter is so handsome!
Hoosier catches up with his buddies.
Katie loves her sister Caroline.
Atticus sees some of his friends.
Dooley is always happy.
Lucas and Jack relax together.
Emma and Benji are passed out.
Woody is waiting for the ball.
Archer and Lilly make a cute couple.
Bella adores her friends.
Roscoe is a little lover boy.
Libby loves everyone!
Amber is adorable.
Jake takes a break.
Lord Roscoe shows off his good side.
Sadie and Jack play a game of chase.
Rocky is ready to go.
Champ loves to wiggle.
Georgia and Mavis are best friends.
Everyone loves the sunshine!
Georgia on her power walk.
Jack is such a sweet boy.
Roo does her morning yoga.
Sandy and Chipper make a cute couple.
Pixie is a little go-getter.
Penny hi-fives Allie.
Dakota plays hard to get.
Gracie is getting sleepy.
Rockwell and his brother, Norman, catch some sun.
Buster is ready to work out.
Rockwell, Maggie and Waffles all want the kong.
Caroline wants to come home with you.
Willis gives Kia a big bear hug.
Daisy has a gentle soul.
Barney is a lover boy.
One Happy Yuma.
Kayla is beautiful!
Dallas is a party girl!
Ernie and Chace play around.
Dexter knows what a camera is.
Lucy is looking out for her friends.
Dallas is waiting for his forever home.
Miles is all smiles!
Dottie is ready to go.
Abby and Charlotte like to watch the others.
Love is in the air for Major and Birdie.
Hunter and Axel have some fun.
Rufus is having a blast!
Knowshon plays a game of tag with Honey.
Yoda is quite content.
Everyone loves Disco!
Harley, Rainah, and Jake keep an eye out.
Maggie enjoys the morning air.
Maggie and Bailey enjoy their first day.
Norm greets everyday with a smile.
Winston and Teddy Bear have some good times together.
Chatham is a cutie pie.
Lilly and Daisy love to play with Pixie!
Apollo is ready to start the day.
Bear is ready to cuddle.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" -Buster to Mojo