January 3, 2008

Winter Wonderland (updated 1/29/08)

Charlie and his best buddy, Bailey.
Charlie looks so dapper in his sweater.
Louie clowns around.
Happy and Rhodee are in love.
Emma is ready for a belly rub.
Ella loves her Blue Bane.
Mollie and Bailey are social chewers.
Boo will melt your heart.
Come on Birdie and Charlie,give me a little smile.
Milo is happy to show off his hoodie.
"Tag, you're it." -Wonka to Libby
Lucy gets her chew on.
Rocky and Charlotte take the bridge.
Rosie shows off the latest fashion.
Niles tries to act serious.
Abbagale and Cookie mug for the camera.
Annie Hall shows off her lovely profile.
Sally and Freedom keep their eye on the ball.
Our Favorite Buzz
Bugsy shows Carter that it's great being king.
Louie and Sammy check out the babes.
Abby and Gretchen share some gossip.
Bear and Jasmine like to cuddle.
Gabby likes to sing a little tune.
Abbagale and Peanut share some quality time together.
Olivia falls for Brunaux.
Charlotte looks so pretty in her coat.
Pupik makes a date with Olivia.
Sandy and Turley like to dance together.
"Really, can't you see I'm taking a nap?" -Mollie
Wylie and Jasper wait for the action to start.
Mavis moves in for the kiss.
Woody visualizes the tennis ball.
"I can...almost...reach the ball" -Sally
Georgia and Athena catch up.
"Whoa Dude, that sounds like a really scary dream". -Carlos to Dakota
Rhodee gives the battle cry.
Carlos loves his pal, Grace.
Gabby knows how to relax.
Georgia is giving me the eyes.
Carter loves to feel the wind in his fur.
Maple LOVES toys.
Spud is a welcome addition to Sally Akin's family.
Missy and Dozer are the sweetest siblings.
Sassy looks so adorable in her raincoat.
The always regal Grace.
Tilly goes in for the steal from Sally.
Birdy and her pal, Belle.
"Cookie?" -Bruno
Chaka and Tilly laugh as Sally fumbles.
Belle has the most comforting eyes.
Kaylee has such a pretty smile.
Bauer is so happy!
Why so serious, Charlie and Baby?
Katie the pretty lady.
Mya thinks Kaylee has fresh breath.
Dooley and Finnley enjoy a game of tug.
"I heard that ball squeak, you can't fool me!" -Blue
Henry loves hanging out with his pal, Ziggy Rae.
Niles, Mao and AJ are ready for anything.
Quinn is a comedian!
Bruneau is a fuzzy bundle of fun.
Blaze loves coming to work with his dad, Shane.
Mavis gets down to Grace's level.
Rufus and Rio share joint custody of the ball.
Jackie is joyous.
Gabe enjoys a nap.
Roofus gives Becca a hug.
Scotch makes some new friends.
"Did someone mention a nap?" -Happy Monster
Whatcha got Banjo?
Eli after a bath.
Jasper is such a cutie!
Tanner is always up for a game of chase.
Sassy and Angel bathe in the sun.
Oh Moonpie, what sweet eyes you have!
Buzz loves the squeaky ball.
Tallulah is a gentle soul.
Get that ball, Carlos!
Charlie looks so handsome.
"I'm ready for lunch". -Nutmeg
Dodge and Logan see eye to eye.
"Look at the cool trick I can do". -Axel
Teddy does the happy toy dance.
Chowder and Mollie enjoy a game of chase.
So happy to see you Zach!
Sleepy face Carlos.
Dignan loves Coley.
Kylie and Roscoe are two peas in a pod.
Precious is being coy.
Crystal is so lovely.
Otto sees his foster mom.
The play equipment is where the cool kids hang out.
Rally and Barkley catch up on the news.
Violet and Grace are all smiles.
Beulah does her happy dance.
Give me a kiss, Logan.
"Did someone say dinner?" -Atticus
One Happy Tilly.
Rocky loves Angel.
Here comes Cooper.
Percy and Versace cuddle.