November 3, 2007

Most Wonderful Time of the Year (updated 11/21/07)

"Can you see me now?" -The Dude
Lebowski is a teddy bear!
Tilly loves the fresh water.
Ginger and Tilly enjoy a spot of sun.
Did someone say ball?
Magnolia is as lovely as her name.
We'll miss you Fozzy but we are happy you got adopted.
Hudson loves to hike.
Bear: a man on a mission.
What is this wondrous green stuff?
Ella and Woody love to feel the grass between their toes.
Abbagale and Maverick romp on the grass.
Bailey looks so festive in his sweater.
Charlotte and Mao are the best of friends.
Carlos loves a good chew.
Zoe and Beauderux share a joke.
"Can't you see I'm working on my tan?" -Grace
Christmas came early for Reo. She LOVES her new bed!
Katie loves to laugh!
Becca loves the sunshine.
Berkley, you look so handsome.
Cousins Mya and Wembley play all day.
Birdie and Jasmine are two peas in a pod.
Maggie, Mollie, and Charlotte share some secrets.
Lacey and Tyler like to cuddle.
Brothers Sampson and Knox have a great first day.
Ginger and Vita check out the boys.
Sadie shows off her model good looks.
"I'm ready for lunch." -Sebache
Onyx, you may look like Ella when you grow up.
Who's going to win, Roofus or Baylee?
Belle is all smiles.
Mollie and Wembley warm up.
Get that octopus, Jasmine.
We Love Fozzy Bear!
Athena is a sun bathing beauty.
Lacey tells it like it is.
"The sunshine is heaven." -Trouble
Tilly and Logan- so happy together.
Bailey we are so happy you are feeling better!
We can't help dressing up Moonpie.
Hunter picks Molly to play with.
Phoebe, Ava, and Woody share a sun spot.
Ace wants to know if he can have a bite of Tiki's dessert.
Peek a boo Circe
Violet is an angel.
"Tag, you're it." -Logan to Jilly
Bear and his little patch of sunshine.
Look at the baby Findley!
Berkley and Billie Holiday share a moment.
Get that ball Tilly!
Cooper romances Gabby.
Love is in the air with Shelby and Gus.
Georgia is joyous.
Maple does her happy dance.
The best of friends, Fozzy and Abby.
We are going to miss you Dakota. Daycare will never be the same.
Baby Face