November 12, 2009

Autumn Splendor

Charlie and Hamilton play on stage.
Angel cuddles with her best mate, Tank.
Pretty maids all in a row.
All Carlos wants is love.
Max is king.
Henry Tucker is a very handsome young man.
Gwen is a playful pup.
Abby has a sweet face.
Gwen and Henry pal around.
Neuba should join the circus!
Lucy had a growth spurt!
Reba finds the bed quite comfortable.
Bear and Charlotte cuddle on a rainy day.
Lily is a little girl on the go.
Bashful Max.
Dexter steals a kiss from Daisy.
Hester loves to play with Rookie.
Simon gets his first bath.
Mollie and Spike love each other.
Tulip loves the morning air.
It's a lazy day for Moonpie, Link and Roo.
Mao and Khari are happy together.
Buddy is on the lookout.
Baxter and Jacobi hear something in the woods.
Baxter and Lily make a cute couple.
Like mother (Lily), like daughter (Zima).
Sky and Miles make each other laugh.
What good girls Daisy and Belle are.
Sky wants to see what's happening.
Rascal loves the lunch his Mom packed.
Theodore is all smiles.
Phoenix sees his Dad, Shane.
Kiki loves company.
Lucia says "Good Morning".
Archer loves his Reina.
A busy day in the tiny tots.
Rylie and Charlie are best friends.
Chunky loves the afternoon sun.
Ruby is on the move.
Harley is king of the mountain.
Libby is a bundle of fun.
Chatham is a cutie!
Belle is growing up so fast.
Merlin sits still for just a second.
Maxine and Gracie are always happy together.