January 30, 2011

February 2011

Whiskey and Tilloo debate on what to do next.
Sasha wanna kiss?
Emmy and Lacy race for the bed.
Molly Sue has become a beautiful young lady.
Moonlight likes to play all day long.
Cassie loves to play fetch.
Emmy and Queso like to play all day!
Hatch and Ella make a cute couple.
"I got you now, big blue ball!" -Blue
Queso tackles Emmy with glee.
Luca, Puma and Beau have a blast together.
Our little Mama-to-be Gracie, is looking for a forever home after her beautiful babies are born. Stop by to meet this charming girl.
Jack and Mowgli roll around in laughter.
Now Quinn, Gracie is not a squeaky toy.
Leichester tries to be coy.
Meggie has her favorite toy.
Chip strikes a pose.
Harper likes all her friends.
Skip is a cutie.
Penelope makes herself at home.
Abby is an angel.
Katie always has a smile.
Frank can't decide.
Cocoa is excited.
Max is curious.
Augie looks content.
Chelsea is lovely.
Hey there Georgie girl.
Oliver is a sweetheart.
Seamus jumps for joy.
Cisco looks forward to his massage.
Mowgli and Stella dance together.
Dignan loves his girlfriend, Charlie.
Brooklyn and Soy love the warm weather.
Dexter and Lewis make a cute pair.
Monty checks out the large group.
Moonlight and Belle say good morning.
Addie waves to Wendell.
Pancake adores Quinn.
Traveler makes a run for it with Daisy and Chip close behind.
Leo and Ella wait for their friends.
Bella and Betsy see something in the distance.
Betsy peeks out.
Dexter gets comfortable.
Jane is super excited about the snow!
Frank and Jane cuddle together.
Meet Annabel, our newest little foster.
Milli and her Moose (at her foster home).
Watch out Hatch, Nash is sneaking up on you.
Archie and Chip make a great team.
Milli makes a run for it with Faith Ann and Jane close behind.
Beauregard and Ripley take over the bridge.
Hi, I'm Milli. I'm for adoption and would make a perfect addition to your family. Please come by and meet me!
Penny has lots of friends.
Hardy likes to party.
Arthur is such a cutie.
Freckles is a wonderful girl.
Diesel does his happy wiggle dance.
Pancake and Quinn are inseparable.
Roxy and Sammy are caught playing.
Pepper loves to be held close to your heart.
Roxy is a good time gal.
Lacy watches from above.
Junior's got a great smile!
Ella and Leeloo see nose to nose.
Presley always has fun.
Ella pauses for a moment.
Clancy flirts with Maddie.
Maddie had oodles of energy.
Lucy tries to look serious.
Charlie is a kind hearted girl.
Duncan is all smiles.
Bella is a sweet girl.
Buzz knows the news.
"Tag, you're it." -Tilloo to Belle.
Chip and Lucy catch up with each other.
Rhett and Hank get started early.
Ralph shows off his Thunder Shirt.
Hank is a happy lad.
Sandy loves the wind blowing through her hair.
Gnatalie is a beautiful young lady.
Rufus is always up for a good time.
Ralph and Cali make a love connection.
Layla being silly.
Quinn has such soulful eyes.
Ralph and Amos are best buds.
Jessie and Leo like to hang out together.
Magnolia and Rye enjoy a beautiful day.
Sherlock and Oliver are in love.
The Dude strikes a pose.
Sweet Pea and Lily love the spring like weather.
Grace wakes after a mid-morning nap.
Kona looks forward to her hike.
Belle gives Malcolm a kiss.
"Did someone say ball?" -Dexter
What did you have in mind, Malcolm?
Miles is a happy boy.
Bongo likes all his friends.
Delilah has a beautiful smile.
Buckley is a lover boy.
Layla is one tired little girl.
Opie takes a break.
Tucker is a sweet little man.
Truman and Rhett are best buds.
Rosie and George see each other for the first time since being adopted (they are both Cosmo's kids).
Georgie has a crush on Archer.
Cosmo may be a little timid around strangers, but he LOVES to play with other dogs. Please stop by Pawtropolis to meet this gentle boy.
Rusty has a heart of gold and is looking for a forever home. Please come to Pawtropolis to meet this handsome boy.
Barkley has soulful eyes.
Ella is great at playing hide and seek.
Archie enjoys his first day of daycare.
Piper is always happy.
Mavis tells Bama a secret.
Ellie and Bonnie are two peas in a pod.
Espy is an angel.
Dexter loves to play soccer.