May 28, 2009

Doggone Hot (updated 07/05/09

Tuck is growing up so fast.
The medium group greeters.
Tulip had a busy day.
Norman grooms Bella.
Kia likes to have her picture taken.
Hardy, Norm and Grace hang out.
Everybody Run!
Henry Tucker and Francis play in the shade.
Dylan looks forward to his hikes.
Dallas and Lily play house.
Paisley is ready for breakfast.
Sisters Tulip and Bella are stuck.
The Bellas greet each other.
Good luck Harvey, we'll miss you!
Zima joins the staff meeting.
Tiki has a wonderful first day.
Ooga has a great smile.
Cody stretches before playing.
Butchie loves to play with his brother.
Molly Brown leads a game of chase.
Prince is always up for a good time.
Paisley peeks out.
Eli is as sweet as can be.
Lucy always has a smile.
Lucy has talent!
Junebug plays dress up.
Brotherly Love
Bugsy and Biddle play on the stage.
Suki is having a great day.
Good Morning Flower.
Ivy likes to cuddle.
Tulip takes it easy.
Sage wants to be picked up.
Baxter gives Disco a little kiss.
Buddy works on his tan.
Mickey is a sweetheart.
Lord Roscoe plays well with others.
You know it's hot when...
Rufus greets everyone with a smile.
Bella has a crush on Loki.
Moonpie and Boss catch up on the news.
Gabby and Gretchen love to go on their walks.
Katie and Lily both want to play with Schnauzer.
Sleepy Face Tuck
Great to see you Molly Brown!
Robbie looks forward to his hikes.
Gracie gets comfortable.
Dakota speaks his mind.
Maddie has a big heart.
Atticus is ready to play.
Grace is Queen!
It's puppy love for Jonah and Cali.
Our favorite Disco dancer.
Mason Dixon goes in for a kiss.
Loly and Dog look out for each other.
Jake is a player.
It's entertaining to watch Lucy and Flynn play.
Kona is exceptional.
Lucy radiates kindness.
Oscar says please.
Bruno gives such sweet kisses.
Tish takes a peek.
Lucas basks in the sunshine.
Ella and Addie watch the action.
Charlie does his happy dance.
Dewey likes to play in the water bucket.
Here comes Blue!
Carlos being goofy.
Jessie is always up for some fun.
Lucy and Norman make a cute couple.
Sadie has the sweetest face.
Dexter adores Georgia.
Norman is king of the world.
Buster and Precious are sweet little babies.
Lucas loves his Daisy girl.
Jack and Zack plan the attack.
Looking good Georgia!
Ivy and Tulip are too cute!
Poppy loves shoelaces.
Norm can't wait for the pool to fill.
Jack, Angel and Grace enjoy the beautiful weather.
Cash has grown up so fast.
Playing with Daphnie's fur.
Siblings Mollie and Spike are fun to watch.
Freckles is a beauty.
We love to see our old fosters, like Maple.
Flynn loves daycare!
Bailey is beautiful.
Belle has soulful eyes.
Baby always has a smile.
Bella is pooped!
Jasper catches his breath.
Pepper has oodles of energy.
Dottie may be tiny, but she has a huge personality.
Lily and her gal pal, Kia.
Tux LOVES the treadmill!
Mavis and her best pal, Angel.