March 2, 2008

Spring is in the Air (updated 3/11/08)

"You got the ball, right?" -Bodhi
Blue is determined to get that ball!
Ella, Jilley, and Ziggy share the same idea.
Koda is one beautiful mom.
Buddy and Boomer make quite a pair.
Bernard and his girlfriend, Turley.
Ah, the sunshine.
Charlotte loves the new chair.
"Did someone say cookie?" -Bailey
Tut is a happy boy!
Hank, Wiley and Knowshawn relax after a full day of playing.
"Wow, you are really tall!" -Zeus to George
Berkley falls for Katie.
Tilly, Waters and Rocky take a drink.
Sunbathing Sassy.
Maddie and her buddy, Belle.
Elvis flips for Waters.
Jack picks Willie to be on his team.
Wow, that's some kiss Waters gave Katie!
Blitz is in love with Athena.
Fluff is precious.
Jessica bathes Britain.
One Wet China
Darcy and Addie take a break from playing.
Falkor is everyone's favorite.
"CHEESE!" -Tuck
Give me a kiss, Buddy.
Sassy and her best friend, Mya.
Carter is filled with glee.
Gabby and Georgia fall for Harlan's charms.
Logan is a cutie.
Abbagale and Birdie enjoy each other's company.
Louie is determined to get the ball from Rhodee.
Missy, Dozer and Wrangler are amazed.
Sassy lives up to her name.
Trina plays coy.
Murphy is on a mission.
Blue meet Lucy.
Travis always has a smile.
Frazier loves his little brother, Niles.
Hans and Bowden melt our hearts.
"Can you see me now?" -Buffett
Here comes Rocky!
Ahh, to have the Moon Pie life.
Macy loves the quiet mornings.
Miss Manda is a ray of sunshine.
"Tag, you're it."-Happy to Bailey.
Bosley has it made.
One Happy Harry.