June 21, 2007

Come On In, The Water's Fine! (updated 6/21/07)

"Hurry up with that water." -Ella
Blue and Ella want to help fill the pool.
Come on Blue, you can do it!
Lucy and Bailey are swimming buddies.
Bailey wants his mom to join him in the pool.
Kenzie considers going in.

June 3, 2007

Stay, Play, Have Fun All Day! (updated 6/21/07)

Lacey takes a morning stroll.
Lanie is one of our greyhound rescues.
Minga takes a break.
"I double dog dare you to jump in the pool", Otto says to Jack.
Missy is a beautiful redhead.
Everybody love when Hamlet comes to visit.
Diamond and Gia love to play follow the leader.
Bebe enjoyed her first day.
Drake loves to play with tennis balls.
Hud and Dignan are the best of friends.
Lord Roscoe enjoys a bit of shade.
Sufie is a proud mom.
Puppy Pile!
Kicker relaxes in the cool water.
Grace would like a Pina Colada while she catches some rays.
"Did someone mention breakfast?" -Nash
You can tell Manda is happy by her chatter.
Carlos welcomes everyone to playgroup.
Sasha likes to get her toes wet.
Dakota and Coley get an early start at playing.
Mollie enjoys the sunrise.
Barkleigh is sweet as pie.
Harley is happy to be outside with his sister.
Rudy loves to give kisses.
"Hey, what are you doing over there?" -Bailey.
Tiki shows Lucy her new collar.
Max guards the ball.
Bear and Maggie do everything together.
Dakota does a happy dance.
Jude gives Maggie the Grand Tour.
Guinness, you have grown so big.
Daisy has a genuine heart.
Chloe is too cute!
Deacon and his new little sister, Josie, pause for a drink together.
Mayfield LOVES to play!
Heidi is our newest foster pup.
Jazz and Cooper enjoy the evening sun.
Axel, it's good to see you buddy.
Dignan and Uno like to "bump" into each other.
Wranger checks out the perimeter.
Harley, what beautiful amber eyes you have.
"Can't you see I'm working on my tan?" -Sunfire.
Moose enjoys some playtime with his buddy, Dignan.
Look out, Winston can't stop!
Copper plays follow the leader with Bailey.
Jack's smile will brighten anyone's day.
Baylee, we love your new haircut.
Pepper always adds some spice to the mix.
Cody loves to be held and hugged.
Paulo is the kissing bandit. When he thinks you aren't looking he'll sneak some in.
Abby tells it like it is.
Charlotte may be small but she is big on courage.
Casey likes the best of both worlds.
Lulu is as sweet as her name.
Laney is a little ray of sunshine.
Rio is the best at playing fetch.
Rylie plays keep away with Murphy and Zach.
Andie is very regal with a soft heart.
Page has such beautiful markings.

Crowley is ready to get back in the air condition.
Nestle and Coco make a delicious pair.
Sid makes an entrance.

Carlos LOVES Molly.
"Did someone say cookie?" -Gia
Spartan has the best sense of humor.
Our day isn't complete without Sasha!
Daisy is a ball of sunshine.
Roxy loves the jacks!
Nestle radiates sweetness.
Drake is "all ears" for his trainer, Kasey.
One Proud Moose.
Freckles is growing up to be so adorable.
Gratti likes to cheer.
Ashley is a gentle beauty.
Angel is a pool princess.
So good to see you, Gus.
Everybody Loves Mavis!
Hi Crash!
Molly is an excellent soccer player.
The Dude Abides.
Miss Tess loves to be rubbed down.
Little Charlotte has a big personality.
Sabine and Darcy keep cool on a hot day.
Elvis gives his namesake's famous smirk.
Georgia looks down upon the crowd.
Darcy LOVES the pool.
Dignan and Casey are all smiles.
Billie Holiday and Abby are the best of friends.
Otto in a blanket.
Boudreaux always has a smile on his face.
Darla can be a little camera shy.
Casey and Belle love to play together.
Zoe and Daisey like to watch the boys.
Hank and The Dude share the love.