March 6, 2011

March 2011

Bear loves to have his picture taken.
Miley likes to watch the birds.
Skip wonders how Cody got up there.
Gracie and Levi love each other.
It looks like Luna has won the race, with Sadie in a close second.
Gnatalie soaks up some rays.
Benjamin always has a smile for us.
Rosie is a cutie.
Pendy and Jake cuddle together.
Jack somehow fits in the chair.
Teddy is such a sweet boy!
Good Luck in Colorado, Duke. We will miss you!
"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." -Cody
Rangler tries to be his sister Rhodee's sunblock.
Sadie and Emmet tell Eli a secret.
Audrey watches from above.
Jasper and Faith Anne lounge in the sun.
Pocket always wears a smile.
Patches is on her perch.
Bear in his favorite chair.
Ella is determined to get that ball.
Gracie makes a splash.
Bud and Jessie try to get the ball out of the pool.
Lucy shows Chloe how to blow bubbles.
Josie lets everyone know that the pool is open!
Jack makes a run for it.
Jane and Indigo are not only sisters, but best friends too.
Our tiny Kate gets some extra nourishment.
My name is Pendy, and more than anything I would like a home to call my own. Don't my eyes tell you how much love I have to give?
Rosie loves her brother, Indy.
Ivy takes center stage.
It's always great to see Jack and Zoe!
Ransom and Riot are the dynamic duo.
Pudge is adorable.
Vivian laughs out loud.
Pepper contemplates what to do next.
Lucy and Kinzie play on the beds.
Pendy loves to play with Dignan.
Cody is so cute.
Tank, Pocket and Ripley are the Three Amigos.
Cooper had a great first day of daycare.
Poppy is queen of the world!
Tiki knows it's her spa day.
"You're going to throw that ball, right?" -Belle
Finley loves to give kisses.
Barney makes himself at home.
Greta makes a run for it with Bailey and Lewis right on her tail.
Milli and Maggie Rose sunbathe together.
Rye is such a sweet little girl.
Milli, you are too young for a driver's license.
Sydney is a pro soccer player.
Luca and Rangler are the best of friends.
Boomer does his morning yoga.
With a burst of energy, Faith Anne gets Marley to play a game of chase.
Sophie wants to get her feet wet.
Penny starts her bath early.
Luca loves the pool.
Jasper has to see what's going on.
Jane is waiting for that special someone or family to love her forever. Please stop by to meet this precious girl.
Amos loves all his daycare friends.
Griffin wants to see what's going on in the other play group.
Something has everyone's attention.
Chloe and Pendy try to harmonize together.
Pete is always smiling.
Monty and Grace are are the first ones in the pool.
Ripley and Beau are good buddies.
Branch gives Annie a kiss.
Dinker joins in on the fun.
Angel is ready to get that water.
Boomer is so happy to see Abbey.
Chewie likes his new pal, Milli.
Italy keeps watch.
Kinzie and Kingston are two peas in a pod.
I love you too, Tilloo.
Cody has a crush on Luca.
Grace, Kinzie, Whiskey and Italy put on a stage production of Macbarkth.
Luca plays keep away with Palmer.
One very sleepy Jane.