July 15, 2012

July 2012

Tish and Harley clown around.
Go for it, Taz!
Peedee works on his tan.
Zeke shows off his dance moves.
Who wants the ball?
Heidi has her favorite toy.
Bo loves his Central Bark play times.
Duke brings his best friend to daycare.
Delilah makes herself at home.
Juliet is stunning.
Paddington and Lancelot like to watch from above.
Phoenix likes to play with Saidie.
Mani has a crush on Maggie.
Everyone likes to keep cool inside.
Honey and Phoenix play a game of chase.
Lola is a sweetie.
Clayton, Taz and Fritz want to play ball.
Jake loves to give kisses.
Taz is a cutie.
Bear likes the huge water bowl.
Jock and Luna frolic in the pool.
Buster is curious as to what I'm doing.
Joe practices his magic trick.
Violet is very happy to see her friend Monty.
"Tag, you're it". -Crew to Luna
Lizzie and Tula take a break together.
Boomer loves to play with his pal, Joe.
Katie loves her play times!
There's nothing better than a pool party!