October 18, 2007

Happy Howl-O-Ween (updated 10/31/07)

Niles is the perfect Frank from Men in Black.
Wonka has team spirit.
Charlotte is the cutest little ladybug!
Lil' Devil Lacey
"Make Love not War, and give me a cookie." -Tyler
Charlotte's Mug Shot.
Dooley is a very cute monster.
"This is NOT the princess costume I ordered!" -Abby
"What Hat?" -Moonpie
Liddy the little stinker.
"Do you really want me to do a trick for that treat?" -Bailey
There's a new sheriff in town and her name is Shelby.
Bear is a prisoner...of Love!
"Jamaica me crazy." -Mollie Brown
Dakota IS a Rockstar!
Atticus the little angel.
What a cute little ladybug Jilly is.
"Ya Mon, da party is dis way." -Blue
Ziggy is a little stinker.
Ginger checks out Angel's new headband.
"Give Peace A Chance". -Kansas
Brett is too cute in this.
Niles is ...Dogzilla!
Tippy is not amused!
Meggie shows off her Halloween spirit.
The Great Pumpkin costume made the rounds at Pawtropolis. We (the employees) had lots of fun with this. It started off with Drake...
Dignan (why do you do this to me, Mom)
And Scooner
Even Blue!
Princess Cassie

October 11, 2007

Cooler Weather= Happy Pups! (updated 10/28/07)

Missy and Dozer start the sing along.
Izzy shows off her sun-kissed highlights.
Teddi makes us all happy.
"Where's My Dinner?" -Ruby Slippers
The Rowdy Rover's cheering section.
Charlie, we need to see your smiling face more often!
Malibu knows he can lean on his brother, Tyson.
Gretchen springs into action.
Cayman whispers sweet nothings in Rayna's ear.
Brett and his new girlfriend, Dottie.
Turley Whirly Girl
Lots of Feisty Fidos today.
Barney and Katie make quite a pair.
Wimbley shows off her new winter coat.
Italy enjoys an afternoon nap.
Tyler gets tucked in for the night.
So happy to see you too, Murphy.
Bosley and Brett enjoy the comfortable bed.
Milo shows off his warm sweater to Ansley.
Everyone loves the spot of sunshine.
Banjo falls for Belle.
Ginger and Bailey enjoy the beautiful day.
Hamlet, Meggie and Ginger watch the action.
Give me that rope, Blade.
Tyler and Woody follow the scent.
Buzz and Mavis play well together.
Miss Jade is extraordinary.
Lovely Ladies: Lacey and Shelby.
Nap Time!
Teddi is such a happy girl.
Cassie and Ziggy are the best of friends.
Drake is thrilled to play wih Sally!
Everyone is in love with Atticus.
Maude is flirty.
Kansas shares the squeaky toy with Harlan.
Bruno always has a smile.
Elvis and Willie are happy brothers.
Atticus is so debonair.
Jake loves the new toy.
Wonka makes a face.
Maverick follows Abby's lead.
Berkley is joyous!
Chassie in the jungle.
Dignan and Becca watch from the sidelines.
Rocky likes to hang out with his pal Roofus.
Blue takes on Sally.
Augie is all smiles.
Fozzy and Lucy test their strength.
Wonka catches his breath.
Jasmine, Frazier and Clover have one collective thought: Tennis Ball!
Rhodie and Angel like to keep an eye on the playgroup.
Tyler patrols the playgroup.
Clover wins, paws down.
Darla loves the Boss man.
Chaka looks cool in the pool.
Place your bets, please.
Sassy joins in.
Rufus and Reo shake it up.
Tilly is sweet on Jake.