July 7, 2010

July 2010

Joey loves customer service.
Dakota has a blast.
Everyone loves a field trip!

Henley has a kind spirit.
Sophie is a beautiful young lady.
Duke loves his playtimes.
Roo has a spring in her step.
Georgia has fun on her first day.
Sasha, Reba and Buglet catch up.
Vivian enjoys some pool time.
Katie is a sweetie!
Millie was caught wet pawed in the pool.
Spot looks so comfy.
Porter is a loving gent.
"It's good to be retired." -Stickey
Belle and Lollie are the best of friends.
Lucy wants to see what's going on.
Austin is such a handsome boy.
Kennedy takes a morning nap.
Horton did you hear a Who?
Colby is a water baby.
Mao loves everyone in daycare.
Beau likes to have his picture taken.
Jack loves to be the center of your world.
Riley gives the best hugs.
Punkin loves the sunshine.
River is adorable!
Conrad keeps an eye on the other cats.
Everyone watches Mia.
Baxter thinks about it.
Sophie and Colby splash each other.
Soy is so sleepy.
Betsy loves the water!
Bob likes to flirt.
It's the three stooges: Toby, Oliver and Monty.
Bama is growing up so fast.
Bailey and Bowser watch a playtime.
Jack likes being up high.
Titan is all smiles.
Atticus cools off.
Monty and Oliver go nose to nose.
Spencer checks the weather.
Lexis stretches out.
Monty is always happy.
Lily's tail never stops wagging.
Spencer plays keep away with Oliver.
Puma and Mia keep their eye on the ball.
Toby is a sweetie!
Herdy is a little princess.
Leo loves the cat tree.
Leicester wants a kiss.
Covey and Puma splash about.
Moonpie is sleepy.
Rose relaxes in her condo.