April 4, 2012

April 2012

Sassy flirts with Jock.
Turk does some laps.
Lady relaxes on the bed.
Bentley is happiest in the pool.
Willie Mae encourages her brother Ham to go in the pool.
Ham, Annie, and Gwen debate on who's going in first.
Jock splashes around.
Daisy gets her feet wet.
Everyone loves playing in the pool.
Boomer loves to give kisses.
Lucy runs at top speed.
Levi wants Muffin to play with him.
Winnie and Ginger both want the ball.
Dakota and Winnie rescue the jolly egg.
Roxy wants to be a model.
Daisy has a great smile.
Eliza invites Muffin to play.
Angel is ready to go on a hike.
Rhett loves his new perspective.
Roxy and Basil enjoy the sunshine.
Cara can't wait for the pool to fill.
Morty has a crush on Alice.

Everyone loves a Field Trip!

Addie tries to "save" the ball.
Puma likes to swim all day.
Ella has a crush on Enzo.
It's always great to see our adopted fosters, like Xander.
Grady is a cutie.
Piper waits for a swimming buddy.
Willie Mae takes it easy.
Ham has a great smile.
Ginger and Oszkar watch Winnie do some laps.
Lucy watches Riley dive right in.
Don't do it Willie Mae, or I'll have to dive in after you!
Toby and Boots look like brothers.
Basil is precious.
Coby with his two favorite things.
Dooley is thinking about it.
Everyone watches from the shallow end...
to see Charlie jump in.
Thor is a sweetie!
Are you tired, Coby?
The butterfly teases Noel.
"Who goes there?" -says Peanut to Beau
Another amazing day for a Field Trip!

It's not everyday we get a visit from a baby pig!
Riley does laps around Bentley.
Bentley plays keep away with Moose.
How many dogs can we fit in the pool?
Bindi makes a splash when she jumps in.
Moose, Bentley, and Riley enjoy their early morning swim.
Annie shows Bentley and Moose how to blow bubbles.
The Rowdy Rovers have a Field Trip.