April 1, 2008

Spring Fever (updated 4/22/08)

Blaze is very excited about training class.
Bear has bed head.
Skoochy is the queen of "whatever".
Bailey and Chance debate whether to join the others.
Penny Lane melted all of our hearts.
"Please throw the squeaky ball!" -Dylan
Black Jack LOVES his playtime.
Mercury is the strong but silent type.
Romeo lives up to his name.
Della would like to purchase some catnip.
Dooley is giving me the puppy eyes.
Josie is so petite.
"Ahh, the life of a queen." -Riley
Isabella is such a lively beauty.
Ella is a party girl.
Here comes Dewey!
Harley is always happy in daycare.
Cisco wants to know if it's massage time yet?
Imus wants to see the puppies too.
Blade and Sheila promote teamwork.
Sassy and Flower fawn over Atticus.
Jack strolls at a leisurely pace.

Happy 1st Birthday Tillie!
Tillie and Sally share the ball.
Sammy sneaks Koda a kiss.
Gus and Bristol size each other up.
Mavis likes to romp with Bristol.
Spud gets in on the action.
Baylee likes the deep end.
Charlie loves to party!
"Ahhh" -Sally
Wiley tests the water.
Run Atticus Run!
How's your first day, Mollie?
Can you tell Nick is having fun today?
Zach just got his haircut. Isn't he handsome?
Bailey is the king of his castle.
Murphy has a sleepy face.
Delicate Little Flower
Vivian enjoys the comfortable shade.
Scarlet loves to smile.
The Mighty Quinn
Scout makes Nelson smile.
Mya is surrounded.
Tupelo loves daycare.
Hershel is becoming a big boy.
Maddie, we love your funny face!
Duke and Hershey check out the babes.
Shh Harry, don't wake Bear.
Queen Goldie on her throne.
Misty and Kaylee missed each other.
Milo is so handsome!
Spud loves the camera.
Carter tries to be serious.
Scout is precious.
Bear in a chair (it's a Dr.Seuss moment).
Boomer is the brother Turley never had.
"Hey Schooner, I like your haircut." Addie
"I know you!" -Vinnie
Kayla sneaks a smile.
"What chu talkin' bout?" -Addie
Roo loves her hikes.
Happy 1st Birthday Libby!
Baylee is an angel.
Riley and Georgia are not only sisters, but best friends too.
"It's good to be the prince." -Lucas
Otis and Rhodee catch up.
What a cute couple Sabrina and Elvis make.
Throw That Ball!!!
Lucy keeps an eye out for her friends.
Turley enjoys the sunrise.
It's a mid-morning nap for Angel and Carter.
"And for my next trick, I'll pull a ball out of Rufus's ear." -Harlan
"I'm a happy boy" -Atticus
Carter loves his buddy, Ben.
Lucas takes a nap with his foster brother, Bernard.
Mellow Ginger
Jack Bauer checks out the competition.
Bailey flashes her winning smile.
Ellie takes a peek.
Everyone waits for the water fountain.
Kylie always has the latest fashion.
Chowder is a party girl.
Come one Lacey, give me a little smile.
Annie Hall and Lilly share some girl time.
Jasper is one cute baby.
Tiki is the first in the pool.
Ben and Rufus check out the pool.
Sammy is a sweetie.