July 8, 2007

Wet & Wild! (updated 7/21/07)

Well, Winston was it what you hoped it would be?
Daisy wonders if this is really worth getting wet for.
Abbey jumps for Joy.
Blue waits impatiently for the pool to fill.
"See, I put a toe in!" -Frazier
Mayfield, Drake, and Harlan talk about todays events around the water cooler.
Everything's Blue!
You can do it Sally!
Bailey leaps from the pool in a single bound.
Sabine and Grady frolic in the pool.
Sidney cools off.
Willie wants more dogs in the pool.
Leopold gives Riley some moral support.
Sierra and Angel work together.
Charlie touches the bottom.
Angus and Murphy are swimming buddies.
Angel dives in.
Barkley makes a splash.
Oscar has the right idea.
Isabelle tries to convince Blue to jump in.
Shake it off Isabelle.
Sierra tries to "rescue" the orange ball.
Angus and Leopold are usually the first ones in.
Pool Party!
On your mark...get set...GO!
Bodhi loves to go bobbing for tennis balls.
Who is going to get that ball?
Leopold likes to wade in the shallow end.
Stretch Angus, you're almost there.
Angus watches as Sabine does some laps.
Gus is a strong swimmer.
Get the ball Woody.

July 3, 2007

Hot Fun in the Summertime (updated 7/21/07)

Abbie loves to have her ears scratched.
Beautiful Mossie.
After a full morning of swimming, Abby rests on the bed.
Ava proves that good things come in little packages.
Max takes it easy.
Rudy is all smiles this morning.
Dignan loves his pal Daisey.
Figgy, you need to visit us more often.
Queen Goldie descends from her throne.
Give me some sugar, Elvis.
Sabine is a wiggly girl.
One Happy Jade
Welcome to the club, Charlie!
Sophie is the center of attention.
Frazier give Abby a kiss.
Brewski checks out the babes.
Puya is ready to party!
Waylan is growing up before our eyes. And what a handsome boy he's become.
Nami is a cuddle bunny.
Bailey and Bosley play like all siblings do.
Janie, Foster and Emma gather around the water cooler.
Elsie has stunning good looks.
Bogey is a true gentleman.
Shivers laughs at the youngsters.
Little Lovely Katie.
Bull and Gabby try to fit through the door.
I love you too, Bull!
Blue keeps up with what is going on in the yard.
Murphy takes a nap.
Belle and Angel greet each other.
Best Buds: Ziggy and Scooner.
After a busy morning of playing, Angel and Carrie relax on the cool floor.
Good Golly Miss Molly.
Carrie, Tiki, Angel and Drake like to hang out at the door.
I See Spots!
Josie and Sassy take a tumble.
Sassy takes a stand.
Pretty Girl Bindi.
Kayla gets her paws wet.
Darla helps fill the pool.
Savannah, you have such a beautiful smile.
Waylan thinks there's a prize at the bottom of the bucket.
Isabelle and Grace keep in touch.
Doogal enjoys the shade.
Nice haircut Gilly!
Hopi hops to it.
Baxter is a winsome boy.
My goodness Quinn, what a big tongue you have!
Sandy is a delight on her hike.
Good Morning Lacey.
Beezee uses the slide.
Beautiful Becca is all puppy.
Max is so adorable!
Who is going to win: Madison, Max or Waylan?
Reo and Madison relax on the bed.
Edmund has such a sweet disposition.
Kicker makes an entrance.
Foster takes a bath.
Come on Tiki, you can do it!
Ginger takes it all in.
Sometimes Grace likes to watch the others.
Glacier loves to hike.
The Summer of Love.
Who wants to play? Teddy does!
Lexi, you have such pretty eyes.
Carlos works on his tan.
Lucy is very gentle and has the softest fur.
Here comes big boy Blue!
Bindi relaxes under the desk.
Tyler, I think you've outgrown that bed.
Luna is perfection.
Little Lucy is full of spirit.
Bailey rests for a moment.
Bugsy likes to watch from above.
Atticus laughs at Hamlet's jokes.
Hi Sparky, you sweet boy!
Heidi gets a bath.
Carlos loves his girlfriend, Stella.
KJ is a little camera shy.
Big John is a sweetie.
It's the Birthday boy Roscoe!
Moonpie, Chance, and Frazier enjoy a lazy afternoon.
I love your bandanna, Matilda.
Daisy hides the ball from her brother.
Give me a kiss, Miller.
Hud's a rebel.
Maude considers jumping in the pool.
Barkley is king of the world.
Grady is all smiles when he see the camera.
Happy 1st Birthday, Rufus!
Louis takes it all in stride.
On the road with Wilma.
Tyler and Kenzie enjoy a midmorning snooze.
Radio tells Angus and Sasha her plan to open the door.
Angus likes to share his toys.
Rufus and Lucy love to tug.
Maggie loves to have her ears scratched.
Toss me that ball, Sasha.
Chloe and Max are outgrowing the steps.
Jack has flying ears.
Louie gives a big smile to all his friends.